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Instagram: Rebel Heart Lyrics ?

Day turns into night. I wont give up the fight. Don’t want to get to the end of my days……….saying I Wasn’t amazed! #revolutionoflove

Rebel Heart by Madonna

Madonna via Instagram

Madonna Rebel Heart Tour Tickets and Dates
  • Andy

    WOW wow I a starving for a new Madonna gem of a song. Lest get the revolution of love going.
    Lets ditch Obama and pussy riots hypocrite sahms first though.

  • Dipaladino

    It sounds a good vibe for me!! I yearn living this moment!!! Love you M. <3

  • Tede

    Haha I wrote it 5 day ago!

    Breaking news!

    Madonna’s new album “Rebel Heart” will be released in November 2014. First single ” Love in all the wrong places” in May !!!

    I made that up !!! but now maybe I was the first who’d known the title of a new album :-)

  • You’ll See

    I read on a website yesterday that “Rebel Heart” is one of the new songs she has recorded for her upcoming album and it is also being considered as the title of her upcoming album.

  • new single +album

    let’s wait until it is released, but honestly…don’t expect too much, so disappointment in another m release will be less

  • the beat

    well, combine the lyrics with some cheap EDM beat, and you now what is in store :)

    • Jack

      Another Turn Up The Radio, can’t wait!! :)

      • the beat

        LoL;) best song ever ;)

  • Jack

    if the rhymes are elementary english, of course it’s madonna lyrics! :)