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Looking for Love in all the wrong places! Fear makes you focus……#rebelheart


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Madonna Rebel Heart Tour Tickets and Dates
  • panagiotis pitsiougas

    Yes dear madonna you got to keep on going,panagiotis pitsiougas from moschato athens…

  • ScottnNYC

    And the legend continues to diminish….

  • gf

    yak…granny flesh

  • WTF

    i hope her new album and songs are not connected with her revolution of love…

    • Ma


  • ricardo

    Madonna, we dont want to see your buttcrack, not because you are 150 years old, it’s because we are tired of it. we’ve been seen it for 30 years, dont you think it’s time to really re invent yourself and come up with something more interesting and appealing?> i guess your money does not buy friends to tell you the truth and your children cant do anything or maybe you dont care what they think; and dear madonna you should care what they think.

    • On it

      Women are sexual creatures. Go watch a Disney singers video.

      • ricardo

        go and ask your mother to publish a picture of hers in a thong on the net , showing her lower lips then. Enjoy it sugar love

  • Tede

    Breaking news!

    Madonna’s new album “Rebel Heart” will be released in November 2014. First single ” Love in all the wrong places” in May !!!

  • artis

    the new album title? a new song? i wish.. sounds promising