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Madonna Wears 1,000 Carats of Diamonds to Oscars After Party

Madonna is forever living in a material world. The pop star wore 1,000 carats of diamonds at her Oscars after party on Sunday, Mar. 2, Neil Lane announced Monday morning.
The 55-year-old singer posted an Instagram photo of herself from Sunday night’s festivities, rocking a cherry red gown and matching lipstick, draped in jewels from head-to-toe. “The Oscar goes to Party ## 7!!!!! #revolutionoflove,” she wrote in the caption.
The press release announced Madonna wore 1,000 carats of diamonds up the wrist and on her ears, including diamond and platinum bracelets and earrings. In addition to the Neil Lane jewels, the blonde superstar adorned her eye-catching gown with even more jewels. Leaning against a wall in her pic, Madonna flashes the camera an intense gaze as she wears a crystal-coated pendant on her head and diamond-covered cross necklace around her neck.
To put Madonna’s 1,000-carat diamonds into proper perspective: Oscar presenter Anne Hathaway, who looked gorgeous at the Dolby Theatre wearing a black silk crepe Gucci column gown, paired her outfit with 100-carats of diamond and platinum bracelets by Neil Lane. The total cost of Hathaway’s jewels amounted to a cool $1 million.
Best Supporting Actress nominee Jennifer Lawrence, who stunned in an elaborate rock crystal diamond and platinum necklace, also wore 100-carats of diamonds that were worth $2 million.
The Material Girl once again hosted her annual private Oscars after party at manager Guy Oseary’s mansion. The Gucci-sponsored event lures in top celebs annually with the promise of luxury brand goods from the Italian fashion house and plenty of booze.
A source tells Us that security detail was tight at the coveted after party. “There was tons of security and tons of staff checking people in,” the insider adds. Paparazzi is not allowed inside with the promise of privacy for famous guests attending the event.

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  • de Sascha

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    Well, as if Madonna was reading what I wrote, or anyone else on here…

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