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Pictures: Madonna at the Purim Party (March 15 2014)

Madonna arriving at the Purim party in New York (March 15 2014)

Madonna at Purim partyMadonna at Purim partyMadonna at Purim party

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  • Helenofreims

    Thanks for showing the influence. Purpose I thought critical of Lady Gaga! Whom continue change wigs as shoes. New title.

  • day4night

    converting to Jew-ism was her biggest career mistake

    • Artist/Designer

      Stop bringing your dropped on the head tardyness here.

    • madonnamaniac

      You’re delusional.She’s not Jew

    • emily

      …so funny’agree with you. Madonna use the moment to
      seek. Acceptance lose woman! White blonde please, did
      get. Idea from Lady Gaga? Madonna your “wash out! And
      some newspapers don’t care. To write about you. Oldie!

  • Maggie Noodle

    What costumes is she wearing?

    • L4jo1e

      deanerys targaryen from the games of thrones