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Pictures: Madonna in Los Angeles (March 09 2014)

Madonna ridding her bike to the gym in Los Angeles (March 09 2014)

Madonna in Los AngelesMadonna in Los Angeles

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  • Marianne

    It is so cool she’s biking.

    Does that woman allways freeze? Every body is almost naked and she is dressed like autum in Denmark.

    But she is looking great.

  • Suburban Cave

    On twitter i’m reading some people saying she has no business in the EDM scene. Do these cavefolk know which generation brought it to the mainstream and that it has been popular outside of the US for decades ?

    I’m flabberghasted at the total idiocy of these people, it’s as if they are some odd Cavefolk experiencing modern culture for the first time. They are the modern-club folk (and by club I mean what Neanderthals used to hit people on the head with).

    Creepy as f*ck

  • Cez

    I don’t know why, but I really missed seeing her riding her bicycle

  • Burlesque

    I am not sure I can forgive her the MDNA era

    • Get Together

      Yes, it was a horrible era.

  • Ava

    2014: ballad compilation “Something to Remember II”, no promotion
    2016: Farewell album and tour
    2018: Live at Caesar’s Palace

    • You’ll See

      2015: New Album + World Tour

      2016: World Tour DVD

      2017: New Album + World Tour

      2018: World Tour DVD + Greatest Hits Collection + Retirement

      Her contract with Live Nation expires in 2017

    • Suburban Cave

      Caesar’s Palace doesn’t seem to be her thing at all, nor a farewell tour. You a bit outdated ?

  • day4night

    she looks bad ass. did she buy a new haus in LA?

    • Patrick Hernandez

      I don’t think she owns a house in LA. I’m thinking she’s been staying over at Guy’s house. That’s the only thing I can think of. He has a pretty big house btw.

  • We Hope

    We just hope she retires…

    • Vanessa

      Your multiple personalities ?

      • ScottnNYC

        LOL. Cute.

  • You’ll See

    I hate the way she dresses now. She used to dress beautifully.

    I hope her next album is as good as the albums “Ray Of Light” – “Music” and “Confessions On A Dance Floor”.

    I also hope her next tour is as good as the tours “The confessions Tour” and “Sticky & Sweet Tour”

    • E

      I agree except for the S and S tour… I think MDNA tour was much better! But the confessions tour was pour magic:)

      • Gone

        “Sticky & Sweet Tour” is much better than “The MDNA Tour”

        “The MDNA Tour” was a horrible tour

    • Gone

      I agree.