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Pictures: Madonna in Los Angeles (March 10 2014)

Madonna going to / leaving the gym in Los Angeles (March 10 2014)


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  • KMom

    Love those Boots! Wonder where I would find them.

    • Thassio

      at Balmain’s

    • Patricia

      Actually those boots are designed by Giuseppe Zanotti and they are from last year autumn/fall collection.

  • Jeff

    Why do the paps only seem to take pictures of her going to and from the gym. Certianly she must do other things. Let’s see some pics of her going into the studio. Happy to see her back on her bike in LA. Everyone was excited about her working with Wiliam Orbit again and then complained how much they hated the album ( i personally still enjoy it). Now they are complaining about Avicii even before they’ve heard anythig so maybe this will one witll turn out amazing.

  • Hollywood

    Does anyone know if she bought a new house in Los Angeles ? Since she sold her old Beverly Hills french chateau last year I wonder where is Madonna staying during all these days here…does anyone know ?

    • Roadwork

      At the Chateau Marmont, Not!

  • Roadwork

    This album is going to kick ass….She is in sunny L.A., shes got those endorphins kicking in….She is going to make some brilliant music for us!!

    • Chrisswe

      Bite the pavement…

      • Roadwork

        suck it loser.