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Video: Madonna Proves that #HarderIsBetter in Toronto


Madonna Rebel Heart Tour Tickets and Dates
  • de Sascha

    She can look great if she wants to…. Good she never gives a damn about her usual critics. Hope her next album is the blast we’re all waiting for…….. ;)

  • isis

    “Rebel Lights”
    1. Kaleidoscope
    2. Day Into Night
    3. Rebel Heart
    4. It Starts With A Smile
    5. Eclectic
    6. Infinite Kiss
    7. Brake Into Heaven
    8. Il Mio Amante 
    9. Graphite 
    10. City Signs 
    11. Deficit Of Love
    12. Desire

    • Dipaladino


  • E

    She´s such a free spirit person! Love my M-dolla<33

  • music

    1:25, listen to the music in the video…that’s m singing…

    • L4jo1e

      it’s a remix of ‘4 Minutes’

      • Maj

        L4jo1e – what is your twitter handle? – you seem like a fun Madonna fan to follow :)))

      • L4jo1e

        I don’t have twitter haha sorry

      • ramon

        you must know where to download this song?

      • L4jo1e

        It’s the 4 Minutes (Junkie XL Remix)
        you can fin it on iTunes

      • Steven_London

        Got it!! Thanks a LOT!! Amazing remix – love it and you for sharing the iTunes info!!! Hello from London!! ;-))