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Instagram: Another New Photo

I Can’t ICON 2 letters apart!


Madonna via Instagram

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  • Mario Rossit

    anyway no one explain me what it means icon ?

  • Mario Rossit

    for me too M doesn’t accept very well being old but i think it s not right to judge her because she is a human being ! in reality who the one of us except totally to being old!

  • dftg

    m exceeded her best-before-date, not only musically…

    • mediocre f*rts

      You sound very limited. Go you !

  • ScottnNYC

    All of her photos are blurred or distorted these days because she looks old. Nothing wrong with getting old but Madonna isn’t aging well.

    • Que

      Many aren’t actually blurred or distorted. Just look at the close ups at Mdna rehearsal pics etc.

  • EA

    Of course its blurred.. its just a tease of things to come

  • Mario Rossit

    sorry i want to say the photo is blurred to me

    • guest

      Maybe it’s a photo of a photo or something.

      • Lara

        It’s a iPhone pic with effects filter.

      • guest

        There’s definately photos of photos on her instagram. But you could be right. I think the blur is less filter and more quick photo though.

  • Mario Rossit

    ilke her in this pose but this photo is little much sphocated at me, everybody too?

  • Mario Rossit

    someone tell me what it means in this didascalia “icon” please!