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Instagram: Dangerous Fitting

Fittings can be dangerous! #ouch


Madonna via Instagram

Madonna Rebel Heart Tour Tickets and Dates
  • B.L

    FANS fan the flame. Douchebags take the shit. Choice is anyone’s… be the fan o® be the shit? I’m a fan!

  • ava

    it hurts me too. the last good music I heard from you was a decade ago

  • Veritas


    It will be a summer album.

    It will (eventually) have videos for most songs.

    It will be launched with Rebel Heart (working title) single.

    It will be promoted with Glastonbury Festival Saturday night headlining gig
    (to be announced in May).

    Watch this space… :)))

  • chris

    artforfreedom2 dot com

  • ph

    plese madge can you show something more interested like an ablum a movie or a clothing line a tour a book a perfume a shoes collections a bage or a boytoy it getting boring madge

    • Tede

      She is showing us photos from her new music videos. All from new album REBEL HEART :-) Almost every day new picture she must work very hard, love you Madonna ! Can’t wait for the album, just imagine every single song with a video, wow!

      • de Sascha

        Are you sure about that or how you source your information?
        It sounds too good to be true? At this point she churns out a new album every 3-4years with no new music(video) in between, like a soundtrack…

    • Mario Rossit

      i love her clothes in swarovsky and latex and think that she had to continues to do these think cause thas is madonna , her way to show herself to the fans… just my opinion

  • dildo galore

    what is she fitting? dildo size?

    • Ooh, everyone gets upset…lol

      Maybe something latex

  • B.L

    Hamstring? Gorgeous legs from any angle! Rock on, *M