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Instagram: M singing in Underwear

Today I decided to sing in my underwear! No one seemed to mind! #loveyoufromtheinsideout. #artforfreedom


Madonna via Instagram

Madonna Rebel Heart Tour Tickets and Dates
  • lol

    album predictions…lousy bubble gum music, cheap lyrics and sales under 1mio. worldwide

    • f*cking idiotic

      I find it funny how a bunch of morons are all about “sales” now. WHO ever cared about such drivel ? Where the heck did you i’iots suddenly all come from ? lol

  • ScottnNYC

    Of course no one seemed to mind because everyone in her life is on her payroll.

    • problems *lol*

      Not everyone is stuck up. I mean, jeez, having a problem with someone singing in their underwear sounds over the top to me.

  • laughing

    Also funny when you find pics of the Madonna hating trolls, their lastfm’s, tumblrs etc. Oh Deyah !

  • laughing

    On youtube I’m always amused when I look at who criticises Madonna, it’s most often the ugly folk with no taste. I kid you not.

  • m the aftermath

    divorce has taken its toll…on all levels

    • Glitzy Soccermom Chic

      She looks pretty great here, you’re probably into something soccermomish

  • club bizzzare

    m please stay away 10 years, and comeback… hc & mdna were pure crap, that’s enough output for upcoming years…

  • Mario Rossit

    me too shei amazing . she loves surgery its reality ! at the end she probably likes fat in the face sometimes !

  • de Sascha

    Actually she looks great here.

  • day4night

    yet another display of her cartoonish sexuality..

    • the mind boggles

      Nothing cartoonish about it. Me thinks it’s more a case of you not having much s*xual experience to see it as cartoonish. Never read such b*lls*it in my life.

  • cut

    she’s a total different person now. this is because of her plastic surgery face…barely recogizeable

  • EA

    All these instagram photos are for the L’uomo photoshoot and thats why they are in LQ.

  • Mario Rossit

    i remember one time she said that her underwear designed by hersef but i dont knw if like “material girl” or another mark anyway i dont like madonna in lingerie always , cause has too much quality power , strong ,intelligence ,joyfull

  • Nicky Prince of Pop

    I like the look and it makes me wanna more and more… great OldSchool 50s the 60s European style

  • Tede

    Another picture from another video from a new album – Rebel Heart. She will drop this album like Beyonce did that’s for sure. Album with songs and music videos. Can’t wait !

  • Mario Rossit

    M loves c omunicate with the fans in lingerie , it was the same from the begin of her career dont forget ….and her body looks always in the years ever old. play hard with gym help her to conserve her body young

    • Pony

      50’s isn’t really old these days, plenty still have a quite fit body at that age naturally.

  • Mohamed Sa├»di

    Body is the Key

  • ED

    most of us dont want to see you in underwear

    • Shut it

      Most of us actually do. Go read daily mail and have a look at Kim Karcackian’s a*se.

  • Good

    oldschool …