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Enjoying the sunshine with my gorgeous boy!#rebelheartFollowing

Madonna and her horse

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  • pau

    you are soooo beautiful! you, my queen

  • rabbitbunny

    Rocco and Madge-Two Real Best Friends. They both Have Rebel Hearts!

  • Lord Blackout

    I miss rabbitbunny, that one commenter.

    • Hey so I swallow, so?

      Did you preorder mimi’s new album

      • What ?

        Who would listen to that junk ?

      • Hey so I swallow, so?

        smell my farts

      • Hot

        No, keep your hobby to yourself, you blanda** tw*t.

      • Lord Blackout

        As if I would spend my money on music.

      • Hey so I swallow, so?

        you’re an idiot. (ma)dead to me.

      • Lord Blackout



    • hehe

      Who ? Never heard. Also, are you a black guy who likes putting on make-up. If so, I’ve found your different accounts.

      • Lord Blackout

        Shut up lowlife. This site isn’t even that active anymore, I’m not sure why you still post here.

      • Hot

        Ah, so you are him. lol. You look so up your own ar*e.

        Also not sure why you say “still post”, I’m fairly new here, I’ve seen your dumba** comments other places.

      • Hey so I swallow, so?

        spill the tea!!! he’s black?!

  • day4night

    she needs a man in her life

  • Jeff

    she looks so beautiful when she is natural.

  • US

    looks like confessions, just with fillers…

  • filth and wisdom

    it’s got a huge cock…

    • knuckledraggers

      Do you know him and have “experience” ?

  • ava

    reminds me of the COADF era – the last good era she had

  • L4jo1e

    that’s a big one !