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WTF? Are we paying attention to whats happening in he Ukraine? History repeats itself! These are scary times! I want to start a revolution! Of LOVE! Are you with me? #artforfreedom


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  • South of south

    Madonna, you bore the hell ouf of me. Please stop with this non sense and make music. You dont have influence to start a revolution. It seems you are pretty bored these days. We want music from you, not some kind of messianic motivation that goes nowhere. Your last good album was confessions and that is almost ten years ago. Or you make good music, or you will be a legend and will not have any importance nowadays. You will be a great past, but thats all.

  • Mario Rossit

    and i love her in the man’s wear

  • Mario Rossit

    i dont know what it means WTF.. someone can explain me ? so madonna is madonna this is her way to comunicate and i love her .Probably she sleep a few hours cause she now wants to know why people kill itself with so much hate and she knows its hard to do this . before in the past years she thought much about herself but now from about ten years she realized the world is falling down

  • B.L

    M! Some are called. Few are chosen. You are not alone. Future lovers hearing and responding to the clarion call. #freedomatallcosts

  • Norway

    According to i giant swedish newspaper that had a interview with one of madonnas swedish “viking harem” members, carl falk, they had an incredible creative recording session over a couple of days.

    This was when she recorded with Avicii. They booked two big studios in the same building and madonna ran between both studios adding vocals, scrapping stuff, trying out new sounds etc.

    They penned a total of 11 AMAZING demos. The whole team is extremly exited, even though everybody is used to working with huge stars on a regular basis. There was also a couple of really talented lesser known guys who joined in. They are really huge underground names here in scandinavia. I read the interview in swedish and it all sounded really reliable and exciting.

    Madonna is currently recording with Toby-Mozilla and S1 after working with Natalia Kills.

    (Sorry for any misspellings :))

  • ED

    No madonna , I’m not with you. Why always profanity to communicate? Havent you learned is not necessary? always so vulgar and raunchy.
    If you are serious, dress like a lady, speak with wisdom and respect then I, and I’m sure many people will see the change in you and the change you eagerly want , will be possible. Good luck

    • * rolleyes *

      Where is she using profanity ?

      Oh, “WTF” is what you have problems with ?

      You sound like from a culture 30 years behind. Eastern europe ?

      • ED

        opening your legs while giving a message is better? showing hair pits a week ago is better? sending a message on a thon is better? using f^k u is better? s smart person like her has the need to be vulgar to give a message? then i’d rather stay 30 , 40 , 50 years behind from the well educated person u probably are. jerry springer

      • EA

        No no no he/she is asking here where she is using profanity?

      • * rolleyes *

        What do you mean by opening your legs ? That sounds idiotic. Give examples. Showing pit hair is definately a message, I’m on the fence there but pretty sure not for the reasons you think it’s vulgar (meaning my reasons are most definately of a totally different nature but won’t share because there’s a personal aspect, a touchy subject I have problems addressing and I would have to here). I don’t know what a “thon” is. F*ck u is very normal language in certain places, I grew up in London and a lot of the time it has a playful aspect, so that’s where different cultures come in, 100% sure you’re from a place where it’s more conservative and you read those things differently, probably even misinterpretate. You have to look at the culture, background and different meanings, vulgar is something else. Are you from Eastern Europe ? I have nothing to do with Jerry Springer types, whatsoever, if you’d like to know, people actually call me classical and elegant ! lmao

        So you have a problem with “wtf” ?
        Do you know that that is a term for bewilderment ?
        That means being startled. Maybe you should learn terms a bit more precisely, so you wouldn’t talk codswallop.

        You do sound a bit “precious” and special, with your overexaggerated behaviour and observations regarding her behaviour. It’s not like she’s dildoing her snatch and telling everyone to F*CK her, that’s how you make it sound, however.

        I mean, come off it.

        So are you Eastern European ? From a Catholic country somewhere else ?
        I’m genuinely interested. Because culture and cultural differences interest me – seeing that I grew up in two countries, and differences in behaviours and interpretations was something I had to strongly deal with. Now in the globalised era many things are much more similar but your interpretation of things make me think you are from a place with different barometers.

      • * rolleyes *


        “When used with an exclamation point instead of a question mark, it
        becomes an exclamation of amazement, confusion, disbelief, ect.”

        It is mainly not about vulgarity. You have to look at the content, it’s also an everyday word, most people would not put it in a “vulgar” context.

      • B.L