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Instagram: Madonna in the Studio

Having an Iconic Moment in the studio with Toby-Mozilla and S1. My throat hurts from singing laughing and crying.

Madonna in studio

Madonna via Instagram

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  • Norway

    According to i giant swedish newspaper that had a interview with one of madonnas swedish “viking harem” members, carl falk, they had an incredible creative recording session over a couple of days.

    This was when she recorded with Avicii. They booked two big studios in the same building and madonna ran between both studios adding vocals, scrapping stuff, trying out new sounds etc.

    They penned a total of 11 AMAZING demos. The whole team is extremly exited, even though everybody is used to working with huge stars on a regular basis. There was also a couple of really talented lesser known guys who joined in. They are really huge underground names here in scandinavia. I read the interview in swedish and it all sounded really reliable and exciting.

    Madonna is currently recording with Toby-Mozilla and S1 after working with Natalia Kills.

  • rabbitbunny

    Rebel Heart will be a Masterpiece because I’d love to have her voice back!

  • aftermath

    Yeah right, the only thing missing is a song wiht Red One and Dj White Shadow…LoL

    • EA

      No one is checking for them. Trust LoL

    • l m f a o

      You sound as uncreative as your mommeh monstah.

    • experimentize

      gone are the times when she used to come up with interesting electronic producers….
      s1 produced with beyonce … I wouldn’t wonder if she teamed up with gags producers…