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Instagram: Madonna teases L’Uomo Vogue

Looking for a mechanic……….. I heard a knock and then a pop! #BodyShop #artforfreedom

Madonna for L'Uomo Vogue

Madonna via Instagram

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  • day4night

    stop showing your ancient boobs

    • Gaga Pipe

      Ancient boobs that worth to show.. It’s ok,. just let her show it. Furthermore the boobs are real and not flabby too.. it is alright. lol

    • Mario Rossit

      she has boobs better than a teenager and cause this she has to show them everytime she wants to do !its a good and right thing

    • Basics need to shut up

      She’s not showing them for generics like you to look. I mean, have atleast SOME selfawareness, you mediocre fart.

      Besides, she has pretty tight t*ts. Haven’t you got a middle of the road sh*t website where people like you are suited to go to ?

  • tantuper

    i don think so .. but shes amazing

  • Mário Rác

    It could be for a new video a new song… this look will be great :)