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Madonna Names Miley Cyrus As April Guest Curator For Art For Freedom

Art for Freedom Has Received Over 7000 Submissions Globally Since Launching in September 2013

Madonna announced today that Miley Cyrus will be the guest curator for Art for Freedom for the month of April. Miley will collaborate with Madonna to select daily submissions which will be showcased on Launched in September 2013, was created by Madonna as a vehicle to inspire artists around the globe to share their artistic representations on the subject of freedom and human rights.

“There has never been a more crucial time to participate and help create change in the world. I’ve been so inspired by people’s submissions since we began and I welcome Miley’s input along with her fans to express themselves artistically and to share their creative ideas on the subject of human rights and freedom of speech. Miley and I look forward to hearing your voices in the format of your choice throughout the month of April and onward,” commented Madonna.

“Art can speak volumes – I’m glad to join Madonna in encouraging people to have their voices heard at It’s an ideal home to see how each of us can participate in changing the world for the better,” stated Cyrus.

Cyrus and Madonna will select the winning artist’s submission at the end of April and will award a $10,000 grant to a nonprofit organization of the winning artist’s choice. All projects must be focused on the values of Art For Freedom.

Launched in September 2013, Art For Freedom is a global digital initiative, led by Madonna in partnership with VICE Media, designed to fuel free speech – to respond, address and protest persecution and discrimination around the world. It is an online public art project encouraging people to express their personal meaning of freedom and revolution, in the form of video, music, poetry, and photography. Public submissions become part of the Art For Freedom website: contributors can join the project by uploading original artwork or tagging original posts #artforfreedom. The project was launched with the film secretprojectrevolution, co-directed by Madonna and Steven Klein.

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  • You’ll See

    Noooooo, I hate Miley Cyrus. She’s an idiot. What has happened to you Madonna?

  • love your early work

    I think it’s great fun how the ‘guest curators’ are always young girls who have had a recent hit !! No point in wasting time on credible artists like .. say Bruce Springsteen or …perhaps Bette Midler – and not just because they’d ignore the invite either. What would be the point? … they’re old and they’ve run out of fresh ideas and there is no publicity (hidden behind a good cause) in that. Besides in their own quiet unassuming way I’m sure those artists are also doing plenty for worthy causes.
    Also loving Pamela Anderson’s new pixie haircut – it’s never too late to try something new & fresh!

  • Chris

    I’ve been a fan since the beginning. I even wrote a story about my connection with Madonna’s music. But lately I’ve been feeling a bit disconnected. The stuff that Madonna is pushing on Instagram lately feels really desperate to me, even more than normal, like she’s trying really hard to find something to be pissed off about, or oppressed by. Arm pit hair? Really? Is that oppressive? With so much crap going on in the world, should we really be focusing on arm pit hair? And if those things are just to bring attention to ArtForFreedom, is that really going to help someone who is not a Madonna fan join her cause?

    I could understand it better if she was out in the world doing something in really oppressive environments. Perhaps that would get people to join her move, but it’s not very effective coming from her bathroom, the backstage of a photo shoot, or a gym. And how many times has she provoked the “haters” of the world intentionally, and then blamed them for responding? What is that behavior? Who does that? Is that really necessary? Is that art?

    Maybe Madonna’s trying to liberate herself from her fame and the persona she’s created over the years, or maybe she should liberate herself from that persona. Maybe then she’ll truly find peace and happiness; to give up the thrown and walk away from it all once and for all. Talk about liberation and freedom! Talk about challenging yourself! Madonna seems to be so unhappy to me, like she’s desperately searching for some sort of purpose that she perhaps saw in someone else.

    And choosing Miley as curator seems more like a publicity stunt, than an actual well though-out choice. I don’t know. Madonna, I don’t hate you, I just don’t understand you lately. I think all Madonna fans should get together and start a “Liberate Madonna from her bathroom!” campaign.

    I hope her next album will help me forget these last few months and everything that I’ve seen. That fake smile is a little creepy.

    • ricardo

      Thats an intelligent comment.
      Madonna is so egotistical that her ego blinds her.

  • Andy

    I hope they don’t pick Art for American, Israeli and Obama propaganda.
    No more pussy riots please.

  • Maj

    If she had spent the majority of 2013 and the beginning of 2014 well and truley out of the spotlight (and she can make that happen) and I’m talking instagram included – then it would have been awesome and refreshing once she appeared with a new album ……. but there’s too much going on – she’s pushing gyms, skin care, human rights, miley cyrus (lol) and thats not including the pics of her in her bathroom ……. I guess after 30 years of this, she can do what she wants…… BUT my god I thought she was alot more media savvy than this …… Can’t wait for the new record though…….. and btw……I began to listen to MDNA again recently and it REALLY grew on me once the hype hype and expectationsfaded …. =) =) Anyone else feel that with MDNA too?

    • jessie

      She’s working with Avicii on her new album. Listen to his songs – they are amazing!

  • RICardo


    • الحمار القر

      Open legs rule the world. Where did you come from!

    • Wakbak

      Go f*ck your sheep

  • Jeff

    Miley????? Seriously what is wrong with Madonna. Guy Oseary should be fired. Been a fan for over 25 years and it’s probably the first time ever I am getting sick of her which really sucks.