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Picture: Madonna at Miley’s Concert

Madonna attended Miley Cyrus concert in New York (April 05 2014)

Madonna at Miley concert

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  • tantuper

    i dont like miley but doesn’t important because she isfar from madonna because madge had and has strong and influence personality . two boys are with her like her enterteiner how she use to do

  • ph

    wow madge look at tat hotie on your left wit the red sarft I think you and him will make a cute couple go for it madge

  • Kanaan

    American lie is her worst album to date..I am so glad that she stoped singing about jesus and all those pretentious ballads like ‘Nothing fails’…music for old women and old queers…no wonder it was her worst selling album.

  • the choice is yours

    American Life is M’s last REAL album…aftwards each Album was only produced to please the masses…

  • islobonito

    I agree , her music changed since AL. But we still owe her a lot of respect and gratitude to be out there and try to entertain us after such a long and great career. Go Madonna go!

  • tygome76

    That horse fall in 2005 is to blame for all her failures after Confessions.

  • Tede

    It is sad that since the American Life she lost something precious – being herself, producing amazing albums and don’t care what people think etc. Now she seems to be very insecure, she is afraid of another flop. She is always surrounded by young artists ( Justin, Christina, Britney, Nicki, now Miley, Avivii ) it’s really annoying. It’s not Madonna anymore, it’s somebody else + Madonna. She gave us masterpieces when she was younger, but the older she gets the more stupid music she’s recording. She will NEVER be popular amongst young generation because she is simply too old. And it is really sad that she has abounded her old fans.
    And once more, I’m sick and tired of comments how good or bad Madonna looks. Is that really important to you? Seriously ? What has happened to the human race …

    • Roadwork

      Oh god stop whining and get over yourself. I am a huge Madonna fan and have no idea what you are talking about! You sound like the one who is insecure and worried….

      • Tede

        Just read other comments and how many likes I have and how many you . As you can see it’s not me but MAJORITY of people

      • Roadwork

        I just dont see how you can look at that picture and not realize Madonna is still the same person she has always been. I can see it in her eyes. Shes a very smart woman.

      • kanaan

        i am not that big fan. especially of AL album. just saying the fact

        and stop using idiotic phrases like `get over yourself- it means nothing

    • Kanaan

      and if she isn’t all around young singers then you say she is jealous of them ..yes people are ugly mean idiots…

  • Barneyy

    She looks amazing from afar :)

  • jessie

    she looks stunning!