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Knowing a little bit of the truth is more dangerous than knowing nothing at all… #wtf


Madonna via Instagram

Madonna Rebel Heart Tour Tickets and Dates
  • Mario Rossit

    anyway i agree the didascalia … sometimes knowing get you down in the deep

  • Mario Rossit

    dont understand that book she never posed with a book in her career , who knows what she means?

  • Mario Rossit

    yes beautiful shoot , but i prefer madge in gym wear or in the streets … this is a part of a great project cause she public everyday a shoot .. i wish a interesting surprise lets see ..

  • michaeldal65

    Beautiful shot of her. Sophisticated and mature. And if you’re reading this, it would make a fantastic album cover.

  • artis

    beautiful…and that jean paul gaultier couture coat..!!!

  • EA

    Gorgeous. Gaga could never

  • lovely dae

    bland copy of her former self, that’s what she is nowadays. hope she gets rid of this fake m soon

  • eternity

    so many asskissers here…but that’s what she attracts lately with her music…

    • fb

      after 10 years of garbage

  • Andy

    That = very true.
    Knowing nothing at all is safer.

  • B.L

    Such fassyholes post in this domain these awfully negative things about a woman who is clearly extremely successful and creatively very well endowed. TO ALL THE M-HATERS: Check yourselves before your wreck yourselves. Why does the dominance of her brilliance intimidate you so?

    • laughing

      They are fans of crappy female acts who see Madonna as the blueprint and they feel like they have to flex their dweeby muscles because they want their faves to be the blueprint. They also like to “slay” or like to think they do by just being bland trolls. I found conversations between them on another site and one of their main aims is to “slay” and to get more followers – I kid you not.


      It’s really idiotic

  • floppy

    in case her music sucks this time again…hopefully people won’t attend her concerts…thats the only thing how she will change something…

    • Guest

      the problem is: her fans adore her concerts! ;)

    • Marianne

      Why do you go to this site, id that is the Way you reel about her Music? If you do not like it or like Madonna, go and find some thing Else to do. The rest of us are getting in a bad mod Reading your negative and irrationel comments. If I do not like some one, I just do not spend time on Them. Life is to short for bad attitudes.

  • ava

    Oh, No, another flop…(she is thinking)

  • nobody knows

    i bet she’s thinking about the crap music she’s recording for her new album

  • Tede

    She is recording a new video from upcoming album Rebel Heart ! That must be a ballad :-) This used to be my playground part 2 ( the book and the look :-)

    • armo

      everyone knows these pics are from the magazine shoot.

      • Tede

        so what, she very often used shoot for magazine and video at the same time, not a fan hey ?

      • armo

        lol. like when? maybe you could enlighten us!

      • Guest

        example: the video/photo session for give it 2 me.

      • lilly

        many herb ritts shots were made for magazines AND covers/videos.

    • WTF?

      yeah right…LoL

  • Nord

    What does she know that we do not?

    • fb

      she’s thinking about which dildo to choose for tonight

      • Pony

        I doubt she is as simple as you.