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Instagram: Dancing the night away

Dancing the night away with 2 great talents! Buck and Chaz! We go hard! #rebelhearts #artforfreedom


Madonna via Instagram

Madonna Rebel Heart Tour Tickets and Dates
  • ava

    I prefer her previous, more manly dancers. Those drag queens I don’t like

  • E-rotic

    her music is pure bubble gum theses days. so sad…

  • cumflower

    m and groundbreaking? that’s long time ago. she is still in her weird alter ego that appeared right after confessions…

  • Tede

    Another video from a new album – Rebel Heat !!! It’s going to be a surprise album a’la Beyonce’s album. I am so excited, can’t wait :-) Looks like a sweet dancing movie video that one, M look so happy. Maybe she is going to drop it on 16th August ???

    • Calin Vaquero

      That would be fabulous if it drops August 16th.

    • de Sascha

      What makes you so sure about it?

      • Tede

        It’s obvious. From weeks Madonna has been posted pictures of herself dressed up, in full make up, with dancers or solo. She is not doing it because she is bored, she is simply recording new videos. I’m 100 % about it. And there is always Rebel Heart in her posts.

      • Tede

        Maybe even > Dancing the night away < is a tittle of a new song :-)

      • de Sascha

        I noticed #rebelheart# in some posts of hers….Hmmm could be… Let’s wait & see…. New music would be great. Hope this time it’s something fresh & groundbreaking? Hope she dares.