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Instagram: Madonna reveals the new haircut

Play or be Played! #naaaaaaaaaaaaaa #unaplogeticbitch


I’m drinking ………………..but I don’t drink! #unaplogeticbitch


Madonna via Instagram

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  • B.L

    New hair very reminiscent of “What It Feels Like For A Girl.” *M retains her impressive edge!

  • Mario Rossit

    sure im referring the set photos for uomo vogue or be played is a joke

  • Mario Rossit

    i think she looks gorgeous: strikes a pose like only she can does, looks very fashionable but cut for her and clothes she wears are perfect for her body .
    maybe someone is jelaous, someone would be that she doesnt sing anymore , someone hates her so much ..i don’t know judge yourself and love each other is the better thing to do ! why the next album would be a flop ? why she looks so old? really she is not young but criticizer her every day is not a good thing to do for me because she is a human being like me and like all people .. is doesnt right or not ?

  • anona

    but roxy music 1974 with short dark hair and mode suits…. so sexy

  • anona

    she should let her self look older
    that would be really radical

  • anona

    she should cut her hair off in a little boys haircut and do a Roxy music look
    that would be hot

  • cut it off

    finally, after a decade a new haircut… re-inventions take a bit longer when you are over 50, it seems;))

  • fb

    Play or be Played? Life is a game? No wonder she ended up on her own!

    • f unny b erk

      Because it’s so uncommon ?

  • Vanessa

    Looking fierce ! I like it *puts a smile on my face*

  • ph

    please not a hair cut madge it make your face look old

    • Vanessa

      She actually looks cool there.

  • rotic sit e come alive

    There was something new on Soundcloud called Wonderland by Madonna. It was a rhythmic snippit. Sounded great. I bet that’s gonna be on the new album…. Any word on a potential release date?

    • Pera

      Wonderland score is an old William Orbit track used for a tv show in US. The full track also leaked few years ago.

  • I’m blond….but I’m not

    new album, new flop, new tour

    • Vanessa

      And you everything old. Super creative, man. lol !

    • Kanaan

      well if lady gaga can flop at her prime….

  • Jeff

    New hair cut….new album soon! I wonder if that song Billboard teased was hers.

    • imo

      It sounds very like the era she’s going for visually.