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Instagram: Madonna working with Diplo!

Diplo is a slave driver! Got me working all hours of the night in the studio. Had to sneak into the bathroom! #clicclacclicclacbitchgetoffmyback

Madonna in the studio

Working with @Diplo got me like…………….WHAAaaat?

Madonna in the studio

Madonna via Instagram

Working wit @madonna got me like this

Madonna in studio with Diplo

Diplo via Instagram

@madonna has been letting me wear her gloves in the studio. #nevertakingtheseoff #love #leather #music #madonna

Mozella in studio with Madonna

Mozella via Instagram

Madonna Rebel Heart Tour Tickets and Dates
  • farewell tour 2015

    2015 will be the year of m’s first goodbye tour!

    • Enid Blyton Who?

      It will also be the 25th anniversary year of Blond Ambition which for a life-timer is terrifying. Where has all that time gone? :)

    • ?

      On planet id*ot ?

  • take a bow

    in the 90s, m gave substantial and full-bodied entertainment. nowadays, at a point in her life in which she apparently has more experience, she does this light, bubbly entertainment. Kind of juxtaposition, but that#s what she likes. She’s been doing really hideous music for nearly a decade now. And she will keep going to produce cheesy, bubbly music.

  • Enid Blyton Who?

    Interesting fact, pop pickers… Diplo is the ex of M.I.A and has been critical of her behaviour at the Superbowl. Working together, especially when M.I.A. has been having so much trouble with the AFL, is like both of them sending a big f-you to M.I.A.

    • paninaro

      Poor MIA she deserved some support.

      • Enid Blyton Who?

        Actually I agree with you. She’s been left to hang and has been chased and bullied by the AFL for 2 years about this performance. I didn’t find it offensive or shocking. Most people would never have noticed or cared had the AFL not made such a big fuss about it. Last thing she probably needs mentally is M and Diplo joining forces.

      • paninaro

        The AFL has been trying to take advantage of her and get money from her and she didn’t do anything! Just take all those tv series showing the most vicious violence, nobody is complaining that the kids are watching?… I’d also say Madonna has been a bit of a hypocrite here, she usually dumps people once they lose their cool.

    • imo

      It was her choice to flip the bird. And who knows if it really is the sending a big f-you. A bit of conjecture there.

      • Enid Blyton Who?

        As Madonna would say, there is no such thing as coincidence.

  • de Sascha

    I really hope she smashes the charts and dares to make innovative music once again. Since confessions, she runs around in a leotard, sure, she looks great in it but I hope this time around she leaves it in the closet.
    A great Ballad would be wise, just on her own, no featured
    artists anymore please.

  • vulva la grande

    diplo?avf*ckcci? why not red one + dj white shadow, just to complete the awful list

  • Tede

    Some people are so full of hatred they even hate songs which nobody have heard yet, ridiculous. That doesn’t say much about Madonna but much about YOU. Love you Madonna and thank you for all the years of entertaining us.

    • paninaro

      I don’t agree it’s that we “hate” songs, just we as fans have an opinion and we naturally use this space to express our concerns and our wishes re. Madonna’s work. In this case, we’re saying out loud we wish for a decent album.

  • WTF

    please M, more music MDNA style! It was your best! Every song so unique! Can’t wait ….LoL

    • paninaro


    • jenny

      I like ironic madders

  • elu

    with all these postings the new album is gonna be dead before its release…

    • Kafa

      what have YOU done in your life to have the right to criticise what Madonna is doing ? She is a living legend and you? hahaha ugly troll

    • Vanessa

      Without having heard a song ?
      Man, you make TOTAL sense. *facepalm*

  • MDNA 2

    diplo is bullshit

  • URN

    EDM= big laugh…don’t tell me that skrillex, avicci, diplo are cool. just proofes how disconnected she really is.

  • Tara

    I bet this is the real dress she wanted to wear for Met.

  • Rob

    It is sad that she is working with people who also work with Miley Cirus, Lady Gaga, Beyonce + Avicii. She needs something new, something fresh but again she is years behind others like during Hard Candy. Hope she proves me wrong.

    • Maxx

      MDNA was a good direction – and AVICII could be the perfect power up she needs.

      • Rob

        Are your taking a laugh? MDNA is her worst album ever, lacks of any new direction, ideas etc. Girl gone wild ( copy Cyndi Lauper ), Gang Bang ( copy Cher ), Give me all … ( worst song in history of music ), I’m a sinner and Love spent sound like outtakes from Ray of light era. The whole album just seems wrong, dated, she was more interested in WE movie than in album itself and it shows. Madonna was without any new ideas, Orbit was without ideas, and Solveig was just bad choice from the beginning. BTW I like Masterpiece ( from a movie WE ), and I fucked up, Beautiful killer, and Best friend ( all of them from second CD ). I want album with good lyrics, with great vocals, concept albums like Erotica or American Life, not album for brainless masses.

      • A1

        GGW, Gang Bang, Masterpiece, Love Spent and Beautiful Killer are awesome tracks but there really was a lack of concept. But I don’t want another AL or Erotica. She already made them. I love AVICII’s music and believe the next album will be great.

      • Rob

        I didn’t write that I want another AL or Erotica album, nobody would like that. I hate Avicii, overrated DJ, will be forgotten in 5 years time

      • ho ho ho

        Won’t be forgotten. People are copying stuff of the mass mainstream from 20 years ago now.

      • Um, no

        “Girl gone wild ( copy Cyndi Lauper ), Gang Bang ( copy Cher )”

        What because she sings “Girls just want to have some fun” ? l m f a o

        And Gang Bang sounds nothing like Cher.

      • So what

        Listen do Bang Bang version from 1987, the first few seconds sound like Gang Bang. Madonna just nicked from Cher the whole idea of the song I didn’t say they sounded the same.
        As to GGW it is a blatant copy of Cyndi’s idea.
        People gave to Madonna written songs, she had added stolen from Cher and Cyndi few words and all of a sudden Madonna is the main author of the songs :-)

      • make sense

        Girls wanting to have fun is an age old concept. You can’t say one similar line is copying, especially when the songs sound nothing alike. Furthermore, maybe the line was also a nod. But the theme doesn’t belong to Cyndi Lauper lol. And Cher, is it the same song that Dalida, Nancy Sinatra and probably others sang ?

        So, not so what, not so what at all. You’re making silly comparisons.

    • South of south.

      MDNA was so bad, that when I was listening I decided I didn´t want to suffer anymore and stopped the CD player. Really, it was unlistenable. I gave it another try and all it ended the same. Its bad music without any kind of originality or personality, with the same brainless lyrics she´s had lately. I just need a new and good Madonna album because Im really thinking she´s just lost it. And im not any kind of hater. This is just how I feel. Its been almost ten years with crapy albums.

  • South of south.

    mmm. I dont get this glove fashion thing. They´re horrible. Im begining to think Madonna has lost that thing she had that made her stylish. Lets not talk about her music which is being bad since 2005.

    • Wario

      Her hands are extremely veiny – so she hides them. Why not make a flaw to a stylish statement – like Lagerfeld.

      • Seriously weird

        Were you dropped on the head ?

        How can one be on a Madonna site and not have ANY clue about the gloves ?


    • WOW

      “mmm. I dont get this glove fashion thing.”

      “Im begining to think Madonna has lost that thing she had that made her stylish.”

      And you are a Madonna fan ?

      • paninaro

        Of course any real Madonna fan knows she used to be more glam in the past.

      • make sense

        She already wore the gloves in the past.


    • WOW

      So you were never aware that she’s worn gloves since the beginning and that it has been a major fashion piece, a staple in the Madonna look, that people have been copying it since the 80’s – crop top, crucifix, gloves etc ?


      or under a rock ?

  • WTF?

    DIPLO? LoL just confirms that more trash music by m is on its way…