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Instagram: Madonna working with Mozella & Diplo

Diplo thinking hhmmmmmm while 2 Ratchit Detroit Gurlzzzzzz try to werk a beat! #unaplogeticbitch

Madonna with Diplo and Mozella

Ratchit Ratchet Ratchit Ratchet B*tch I’m Madonna

Madonna with Diplo and Mozella

Madonna via Instagram

Madonna Rebel Heart Tour Tickets and Dates
  • Mario Rossit

    i don’t know these musicians and i hope it will a great sound! anyway when she try to find good musician finally not a big album … i hope i’ m in wrong luv mad

  • Maj

    Flop or not I don’t really care…….. as long as it’s not a half arsed “let’s put these songs together and announce a tour” type record…….. I couldn’t give a squat when AL didn’t do so good commercially – the record was ace! – nothing is worse than feeling cheated *cough* mdna *cough* – In saying all that though….. nothing beats seeing Madonna slay at the top of the charts! haha

  • ava

    there is a chance she might be fired by her fans if this upcoming album closes the flop trilogy…deliver mama

  • ini

    m tries hard to defend aging. That reflects in her present music. Class and elegance have gone in her music.

    • enquiry

      Offtopic: Because young can’t be classy and elegant ?

  • Jeff

    She’s been looking so good in the studio (no sweats!) and seems to be enjoying herself. I think this is a good sign of things to come.

  • de Sascha

    I really hope it’s a new fresh sound?
    Even when she stepped back in time, like on her 2005 confessions album she did a great job. Personally, some of that.. got a bit lost on Hard Candy & MDNA. Hope she can make up for that on this new album?
    If not she better…..

    • fierce

      confessions was the beginning of all this….an abba sample and a pink leotard…really? it was cheap, and an attempt to get a hit in the charts, after the comercial failure of AL

      AL is the last time she was really creative!

      • Timeless

        The pink leotard was not cheap, the whole thing was very reminiscent of the 70’s, very authentic, and the abba sample celebrating a time in history that was major, it was an anthem for young and old, she added an urban sound that just made it smoove …

      • 0800 confess

        she didn’t have a clue what to do next, and played it safe, that#s why she sampled abba. same situation with hard candy (she had to take justin on board to make the first single work…), and mdna an album full rehashed songs that sounded like b-sides and left-overs from previous albums…

  • ph

    please madge make sure tis be one of your best ablum ever tat mdna ablum terrible the single give me all your love .was worse let me gave you some advice to make make a good ablum ballard choirs and orasta please dont let tis be a flop you had some good ablum in the past

  • Maj

    Diplo is sooooo damn fine YUM YUM – too old for Madonna’s taste I’m sure he he

    • old granny hag

      i bet she’s to granny for him…

      • Yes ?

        Do you have a granny in your 50’s ? ha ha
        You must be a chav

      • Yes ?

        *her 50’s

  • godzilla

    yeah right…well sounds like throw everything together album…


    Detroit is a good hint! If she had Detroit in mind (musically speaking), she would find some “Detroit”related producer….