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Madonna and Katy Perry for V Magazine

Madonna and Katy Perry join forces in new photoshoot for V magazine. Photos by Steven Klein.

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  • a

    every days buisness

  • Jason Santoro

    I dont understand why Madonna keeps doing these photo shoots with these inferior women.

  • day4night

    oh mo so predictable..

    • Angelino

      Just like u we were expecting such comment from such a loser dah

    • Artist/Designer (studied)

      less than you

    • michaeldal65

      Have to agree. Of course the whole thing is fabricated but this looks a little too phony. Hey look its Madonna and Katy Perry pretending to be Bettie Page mannequins! And with that much makeup and photoshopping, I’m afraid they do look like dummies.

  • EA

    I doubt they are collaborating musically.. I think this is just a photo shoot. I do believe music is coming soon though

  • MCiconne

    Next single! This the top secret!

  • Bob

    so new single with katy perry next monday (memorial day)?

  • Jeff

    This is more like it. Hang with Katy not Miley.