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Madonna for L’Uomo Vogue

Art for Freedom by Madonna, from May-June issue of Italian L’Uomo Vogue

Madonna for L'Uomo Vogue
Madonna for L'Uomo Vogue
Madonna for L'Uomo Vogue
Madonna for L'Uomo Vogue
Madonna for L'Uomo Vogue
Madonna for L'Uomo Vogue

source: vogue

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  • Andy

    She is still a play and I love her for that.
    Don’t you ever expect the expected from this woman.
    Madonna does the unexpected.
    These style have an odd air to them and that make the pictures original..

  • ART for freedom LoL

    well, if she wants to play with ART…I mean come on M. LoL The pics look ARTIFICIAL. The untouched ones are better…

  • Unhate

    The “tit picture” reminds me of the Roman Lupa Capitolina / Capitoline She-Wolf :-) Coincidence?

  • smoking kills

    OMG!! OMG! I can’t believe she’s still getting her milk bottles out!!

    • artis

      and she will continue until people stop complaining about it. OMG!! OMG! whats the big deal honey?

  • FXMX

    Madonna’s amazing but she has become so redundant and contradicting in recent years, and when confronted she just said: “Well, I was just being ironic” (most of the time the word does not apply).

    No, using cigarettes in photo-shoots does not make you look cool or badass. They make you look pretencious.

    Overusing photoshop is basically saying old woman should be ashamed of their looks, so let’s just cover the wrinkles or any trace of age.

    She does care about what people say about her, hence why she hides her hands now. Then she goes and sing songs like “A Don’t Give A..”

    :( Madonna fan since 1984

    • Vanessa

      She’s ALWAYS worn gloves, you should know that if you’ve been a fan since 1984. lol !

  • Indestructible

    Have you noticed how haters started with:

    “She is too provocative” (now everybody is provocative, thanks to Madonna now girls can dress sexy and not be afraid to show their body)
    “She is gone too far” (How far is too far? Reaching the top of success? Climbing the tree of life?)
    “She is finished” (She is finished when she says so)
    “She is too old” (That was the 15 year olds saying that 15 years ago, now they are 30 – should I mention the 20 year olds and the 30 year olds? they are now the age Madonna was when they considered her too old at 40) TIme goes by so quickly)
    and now “Too much photoshop” Is there anything left for you haters to cling to?


  • nnn

    too much photoshop!!! it would be cool it they did it subtle, but not that obvious…

    • paninaro

      In that aspect maybe the look on the first photos seems more real. I like that one better, the second look is more like the typical photoshopped doll.

  • de Sascha

    She worked hard to keep her body youthful and has a $billion$ to maintain it. Great pics! It’s like the “old” Madonna(?). Great style, etc.
    It’s nothing new though : -/
    Maybe, just maybe these pics make more sense when her new album drops in August?
    Maybe Madonna’s reason to show her body once again to the public,
    there are quite a few voices(as usual), saying she shouldn’t be doing this & that or cover her body at the age.
    Madonna’s never done what her critics told her, rather the opposite way.
    The more we say, she should not show her tits, the more she’ll smack them in our faces. One thing is for sure… We’re still living in an age under the spell of a crafty Madonna( And that’s nothing to do with her albums sales)… She’ll do it for as long as she can and not go away…
    Either she is in for a huge album comeback with some great singles, otherwise it’ll be just another tour comeback.
    She’s not trying to stay relevant, she is. No matter what she does.
    Let’s wait & see.
    BTW: She opens up to cover up later

  • artis


  • jai br

    uhhhhuuuu….take a bow bitches…..she’s back!!!

  • Tede

    btw it’s funny that Madonna has started her ART craze when Gaga started her ArtPop. It’s just ridiculous how unoriginal Madonna really is. And I’m not Gag fan. Madonna for years has got access to new trends and could rip off whatever she wanted and people didn’t know about it. Now there is Internet and everybody can be Madonna, and all of a sudden Madonna is not Madonna anymore. She looks so desperate these day. She wants to look young, surrounds herself with young people, and it’s just so fake. She plays Mother Teresa now, she wants to start revolution etc. People who started revolution in the past the just did it without talking about it. It’s sad to see that Madonna lost spark, intuition. She looks clueless. But I wish her all the best anyway.

    • Vanessa

      What are you talking about ? She has always talked about art and talked about art she references, talked about art she’s interested in etc, she was friends with Keith Haring, Basquiat and others, what on EARTH are you talking about, this widespread unculturedness, yet talking as if one has a clue is so WEIRD ?

      You sound so outdated and clueless

  • Tede

    The whole photoshoot scream FAKE, BORING, REPEATING herself etc. Again tit out to get attention ( what was that about you don’t like repeat yourself Madonna ? ), her face is so fake it’s almost painful to watch. Is that art ? She tries too much to be cool, photos with cigarettes ( again repeating herself ), we’ve seen it all before Madonna. The gloves on every single picture are so boring, it’s sad she is so obsessed with what people say about her hands. My grandmother can cover her hands with gloves and can make her face looks timeless using photoshop. But that’s just fake and she knows how to age gracefully.

    • paninaro

      I don’t think photos with cigarettes is just repeating herself, it’s a new twist to a classic look we all learned to love. It’s ok for artists to bring back some old goodies now & then. It’s recreating the vintage in an artistic way.

    • Vanessa

      Uh huh, is that why she’s been wearing gloves as a trademark since the 80’s ?

      Why are people so STUPID, yet still think they need to share their uncultured opinions ?

      It’s thoroughly absurd

    • Marianne

      Take any Magazine even pictures of furnitures and Apples are Photoshopped these days.

      These Photoes are very good, WHO not just enjoy Them?

  • Guest

    the mole is back! Gorgeous and ageless!

  • Guest

    Are the tits fake on the last photo or not?

    • carla

      everything is fake – her face, legs, tit – no bits of Madonna’s body there. Art of fake

      • Indestructible

        No, Carla. They are the real deal. You are a fake and pure hate.

      • Now buzz off

        Just the cheeks.

      • Angelino

        Oh Carla and ur brain is fake as well its just a wallnut

  • ava

    I loooove the photos…Mama still have it all

  • EA

    She looks amazing

  • day4night

    Ancient Boob Alert!

    • Vanessa

      OCD asexual virgin (am I right ?) alert. Her boobs look hot !

  • kiss me at my ass

    a lot of photoshop on to last pictures

  • Mhot

    OMG!!!!!! Madonna is ageless!

    • Guest

      With Photoshop we all are ageless! Btw our Queen rules. :)