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Madonna’s V Magazine Interview – Excerpt + HQ Previews

Madonna for V Magazine

In a worldwide exclusive, V Magazine and Steven Klein come together to capture Madonna and Katy Perry in their element, under the sartorial eye of Arianne Phillips. Did you know that these two, the most famous acts on the planet, are also fast friends? Here are a few of their choice quotes from the accompanying story, the entirety of which will appear on newsstands this Memorial Day.

Madonna for V Magazine

KATY PERRY I was sore in my upper body and in my butt area from all that squatting.
MADONNA It’s good to be sore in your butt. My neck is sore from that wonderful moment when I was sucking on your heel.

M I would always say, Dad, I’m an artist, I have to express myself. You don’t understand. I think he’s finally come to terms with it. It’s only taken 30 years. He’s like, Do you have to simulate masturbation on the bed? Do you have to? Yes, Dad, I do.
KP I haven’t gone that far yet, but maybe under your great mentorship I might reach that point.

Madonna for V Magazine

M A couple of weeks before my production rehearsals I look and feel like a truck ran me over.
KP [laughs] Oh, I look like that now.

KP Im so OCD that I want those letters in alphabetical order. C-D-O would be my preference.

Madonna for V Magazine
Madonna for V Magazine

source: V Magazine

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  • Andy Gandy

    Hell, Madonna is still game. And I love her for that. The hell with ageism. This woman was/ is and will always remain SEXY. She looks stunning, but it is her attitude above everything else. She feels sexy campy and playful and as usual Defiant. Let us all hail the one and only true queen of universe Madonna. I cant wait for some new sweet goodies out of her music goodie bag. Bring it on MaDge we love yahhhhhhhh

  • Roadwork

    Intelligent people don’t talk about photo shop anymore….F*****g fools!

    • *

      They should. Less photoshop, more realness.

  • Maj

    Someone in the Guardian recently wrote that for these women photo shopping is not just about looking pretty, its their way of putting up an armour against sexism and ageism – she would be shred to pieces whatever she does and from now on whatever she does it will always be about her age and looks – its not her that’s the problem its the world we live in……. “If we all looked and acted the same, the world will be a boring place” xx

    • heh

      One thing I do is look up the ageists and sexists commenting and it’s most always dweebs, pubescents, “men” (boymen) who wouldn’t be Madonna’s type (because they look wobbly, ashen, unaware, dumb etc), stupid-looking female preps who emulate every trend that is sold to them, I near to never see anyone of them look in anyway interesting or have anything interesting to say (on their Twitter for instance), dumb youtube channels, and so forth. I’ve made a compilation of pics and am still adding to the compilation and thinking of showcasing them online alongside their lovely comments.

  • FxMx42

    without Photoshop

    • Roadwork


      • FxMx42

        I´m fan, not a zombie…you´re like those pathetic little monsters defending everything Gaga does

    • Tall

      Do that to every picture in a magazine. As almost all are photoshopped.

      Ahh, the intelligent people at it again.

      • Fxmx42

        Everyone does it so it’s OK? Then where’s the bold revolutionary of American Life? BTW, Cate Blanchett refuses to be photoshopped in magazine covers. So women actually are proud of who they are and have to guts to stick to it.

    • Ewww

      Wow. Your timeline, disqus, is super interesting.

      As is your Twitter timeline.

      Don’t you have a website that is a 3rd rate version of the 3rd rate TMZ website to post at or something ?

      • Fxmx42

        Well then you can see I Looooove Madonna, but dislike when she’s bulls****ing us with your ‘love yourself’ mantra when she’s so ashamed of looking her ag. Where’s the revolution of love?

      • Snort

        So no comment on Katy Perry being photoshopped to the max then, ey ?


      • ding ! ding ! ding !

        Hint: Most people are photoshopped to the max in magazines

        But: It’s only an issue when Madonna does it ?

        Conclusion: Okkkkk

    • indonesian

      ew! u photoshopped her face with unphotoshopped hard candy era

      • Artist/Designer (uni studied)


        you’re a smart one

  • freddy

    FINALLY one great photo shoot !! the Betty Page reference is great ! absolutely great pictures !

  • Beltra

    Shame on you haters. She’s an innocent girl making her way, loved her bestie through awful struggles,was and still is very innocent, yet still remains timeless and relevant. Times are different now. Let us not forget from where we have come and who helped us to get here.

  • Swamp Cum

    Madonna’s face is pumped so tight with fillers and botox you could pop her with a pin and she’d fly all the way back to metro Detroit.

    • David Smith

      And Katy should go back to the Synagogue

    • LoveTheWayILie

      Finally got myself banned :rip:
      EDIT: nvm still alive and kicking. That Lie reign just wont let up :deadbanana2:

      • Orphan Latinazza

        lol, are you at 10 WP but not banned?

      • LoveTheWayILie

        no I was just annoying everybody and I thought I was banned cuz I couldn’t post but got logged out instead for some reason.

      • Ooh, inspiring

        And now you are having public brainf*rts here ?

      • LoveTheWayILie

        I don’t know what you are or who let you out of the zoo but please don’t take your cholesterol induced anger out on me. XoXo

      • Swamp Cum

        omg an Xtinct fan is trying to convince people that Beautiful is the more impactful song of the last 25 years and that it defined a generation. :deadbanana: Fighters are such tragic creatures.

      • Orphan Latinazza

        I asked for a three week ban and they refused it even though I’m WP free and been trying to behave. I don’t get it. :sosad:

  • Lord Blackout

    My two beauty queens together. I couldn’t be happier.

    • David Smith

      Do u mean Kim and Kanye?

  • Jeff

    her hanging with Miley is desparate. Don’t feel it on this one though. Much better choice of company.

  • day4night

    uh she’s beyond desperate

    • Indestructible

      Desperate for what? For being the most famous woman in the world? For being the Queen of Pop? For staying relevant for almost 30 years on top? For looking so beautiful?

      • KC

        Actually day4 night..the fact that you always read and pay attention to her shows that you are very interested. In Madonna’s mind: Mission accomplished!! If you weren’t interested you wouldn’t respond…therefore it is just plain and simple: You are JEALOUs!!

      • day4night

        i never said i wasn’t. She’s very entertaining. Too bad she has run out of fresh ideas. Seen this wig dominatrix lesbo show 1 000 000 times.

      • Titanboy1

        Very true! She is the best and PERIOD

    • Marianne

      How far have you reached in your life? Not far I guess since you are so negative. Go to a page for Republicans or so……..