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New Madonna lyrics revealed?

Madonna’s producer Ariel Rechtshaid posted a photo on Instagram that revealed what appear to be some of Madonna’s new lyrics

Madonna's Lyrics
Madonna's Lyrics

Ariel Rechtshaid via Instagram

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  • rabbitbunny

    Living for Love will be a brilliant song on Rebel Heart because it encapsulates who Madonna is and what she is all about! Madonna Forever! Love you M!

  • Nicky Prince of Pop

    so nice i am on fire M ^^

  • ph

    plese dont let it be like gave me all your love or girls gone wild they were both awful songs

  • HAHA

    Oh, I didn’t recognize you with your clothe on! and a cheap EDM beat in the background….

    The new album, a gem ;) LoL

    • HA

      You sound ………. reductive

      ha ha !

    • Nicky Prince of Pop

      f°ck u a lot

  • it’s a celebration

    primary school lyris? Yes, that’s m’s stuff…

    • artist/designer – uni studied

      doesn’t look like primary shool lyrics. furthermore, you can write a simple lyric and it having depth, also carried by the music.

      maybe you have a primary school perception ?

    • Nicky Prince of Pop

      f°ck u so much