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Video: Kathy Griffin on meeting Madonna

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  • paul h

    lady gaga last ablum was horrible miley cyrus and katy perry ablum latest ablum was way much better talk tat

  • Hey so I swallow, so?

    Lady Gaga is so much more talented than this EVIL OLD HAG.

    • L4jo1e

      talented ? she’s talented seats on a bench ”singing” and ”playing” piano. other than that, she’s good at nothing.

      • ha ha ha

        Her piano playing is like music for the middleaged 30 years ago.


    • Indestructible Goddess

      Madonna is a Goddess! So untouchable, like a virgin that you can look at, but not touch! Only the Pope has that magnetism. I DARE YOU TO NAME ANOTHER PERSON ALIVE ON THIS EARTH WITH THE SAME STAR POWER!

      • Hey so I swallow, so?

        Marilyn is dead and she’s more revered, respected and iconic. Lady Gaga & Kesha are too

      • L4jo1e

        LADY GAGA & KESHA ? WTF lol

      • Indestructible Goddess

        How easily we forget history! You are too young or to ignorant to be well informed, but let me teach you a little lesson (free of charge):
        When Marilyn was alive every bully (old versions of you) constantly tortured her, and now that she is dead, everybody loves her (including you) and kiss her ass.
        Marilyn however, was a victim – Madonna is not! The Vatican itself couldn’t bring her down; do you think little monsters like you could? There is only one Madonna and a lot of people cannot deal with that! Deal with it!

      • Hey so I swallow, so?

        madead’s career has been over since 1992 when the Vatican ruined her. Try again.

    • Yawn This Way

      You’re a boring troll. Atleast entertain us, ffs !

  • ScottnNYC

    LOL!!! I love Kathy…and who WOULDN’T freak out seeing Madonna in person!?!?!