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VersAce VersAce VersAce! #venivedivici #unapologeticbitch

Madonna Versace

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  • artis

    lately she often mentions versace…also rocco does… why so? jean paul gaultier is the one who makes her look fierce not versace, she should mention him instead.

    • Colin Anderson

      Hmm, Versace gave her epic looks in the past, too. Everything happens (or is said) for a reason with Madonna, so I’m thrilled to know what this one is about. First guess, they’ll be partnering on the look for the new album. Amen.

      • artis

        hope they wont!! yes, epic looks when Versace himself was alive. nowdays, the house is not what it used to be. Donatella is not like the best designer in the world, you know! Gaultier makes her always look different from the crowd, i think he is her perfect match in fashion.

      • Colin Anderson

        Sure thing. I wish she would make her hair shorter, pulled in a side parting (i.e. Golden Globes 1997 look). Then get rid of the fake lashes. See the recent paps pics of her out to a restaurant holding a Tupperware box? Bingo! That’s Madonna in my book, fresh, simple and yet extravagant and cool.