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Madonna’s Statement Following Her Detroit Visit

Madonna visited Detroit yesterday in an effort to participate in the rebuilding of the city and to connect with her hometown.

During her visit, she spent time at the Detroit Achievement Academy – a public charter primary school, Ponyride – a social impact incubator, the Heidelberg Project, the Downtown Youth Boxing Gym and the Dime Music School. She released the following statement following her visit:

“Many people doubt that Detroit can come back and think that the challenges are too overwhelming to overcome. But what I witnessed today is the true story of Detroit – a city of innovation, commitment, perseverance, imagination and opportunity. The entrepreneurs, artists, activists, teachers and children I met today left me incredibly inspired. I appreciated every minute of it and look forward to helping make the future of Detroit brighter.”

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  • rabbitbunny

    It’s brilliant what Madonna has done!! She has a Rebel Heart!!!! One of the best American in America’s history! Madonna and Detroit Forever!!!!!

  • rabbitbunny


  • a

    good she feel some attachment of home place