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National Front calls Madonna ‘Granny Gaga’

American pop star Madonna lamented the massive European Parliament victory of the far-right National Front and got called ‘Granny Gaga’ by the anti-immigrant, anti-EU party in return.

France’s National Front on Tuesday branded Madonna a “Granny Gaga” after the global pop icon became embroiled in a new row with the resurgent far right party.

Madonna had enraged the FN in 2012 by showing a video depicting its leader Marine Le Pen with a swastika over her forehead at a Paris concert.

She took another swipe at the party on Monday with a post on her Instagram account.

The post featured the front page of French newspaper Liberation from May 26, the day after the FN topped the polls in European elections with a record 25 percent of the vote.

The page shows a triumphant Le Pen celebrating the victory next to the headline, “FN France”.

Madonna vs. France FN

Madonna’s caption read: “Russia. Ukraine. Venezuela …., now France?!!!!! #fight Fascism #fightdiscrimination #fightlynchmobmentality #fighthatred#fightforffreedom #revolutionoflove

FN vice-president Florian Phillipot responded with a sarcastic suggestion Madonna was seeking controversy to court publicity at a time when her career has been eclipsed by the global stardom of younger rival Lady Gaga.

“In politics too, Granny Gaga has lost the plot,” Philippot tweeted.


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  • ?

    Madonna is fitter than her, much fitter, so it doesn’t make sense

  • Andy

    I am a Madonna fan and against racist groups. But I think people should know and think about what they say otherwise the person voicing it my end up looking stupid. People should stick to doing what they do best. I think Madonna makes great music and she sis great singer, songwriter, entertainer, style Icon but when it comes to politics she really sounds ignorant. I mean jus look at the people she supported in the past and she supports now. Hitlary Clinton, Obama, Pussyriots,,,,,naming a bunch of countries together without any good arguments and definitions about them or the issues there. I hope she stops doing that otherwise I too am going to boycott her and I even bought MDNA. That must say enough about my loyalty to her. But enough is enough of this ignorant political statement.

    Front National is not a racist party even though it may have some racists in it. The democratic party in the US has them too. FN is or has become a more an anti EU party.

    As far as FN vice-president Florian Phillipot is concerned, obviously he is an ageist to refer to Madonna as a Granny. He is a hypocrite when it comes to art too. I mean every person on this planet knows who came before who and who inspired who. Madonna came first and to this day, all younger artist especially gaga have been inspired by Madonna.

    It is known fact that gaga has copied almost all Madonna styles from different time periods. So Mary Le Pen looks stupid too for talking like that about Cultural Icon Madonna. And Madonna’s career has not been eclipsed by anybody not even by a long shot. Her last album sold as many copies as gaga’s and It was Madonna’s seventh number one album. Madonna also managed to have the biggest selling tour ever by any solo artist as well as the bestselling tour of 2012. So that man should shot up because he simply doesn’t know enough about the subject.

    • Vicky Pollard

      ” Front National is not a racist party even though it may have some racists in it.”

      Only some ?

  • artis

    fcking fascists… and the morons who support them..

    • Nicky Prince of Pop

      do you live in America or Japan?

      • Greifeswald

        and you NPD much?

      • Dummkopf

        How do you know about his political inclinations from that post ?

      • Nicky Prince of Pop

        I am not NPD or CDU or Grün, ….
        i am simply a boy who born in DDR (German Democratic Republic) and had 6 wonderful kindheit years with open loving cultural°

        ° this cultural “German ‘especially the east-German’ one ” i adore and love and feel related too…

        so whoever want to live and move to Germany or any-area can have his own values and life-style in his/her home BUT not create a community to force a shift in the regulations of the politics to change the original cultural values for an ausländische ways of life that been (motivated basically from: a religion or a really different tradition to the German one for example)

        that all, Liebe Grüße
        Nicky Prince of Pop

      • English/German/Italian/Bajan

        What about global village ?

        Ist das an der ehemaligen DDR vorbeigegangen ? Ich glaub nicht

      • Nicky Prince of Pop

        Okay hear me well, and do not live in a fantasy, Global village is a great idea CAN Be done in a different way, rather than this current way that make my culture disappear…

        in some ways Marine Le Pen has a point and well i support many she said..
        (i want integration BUT who come must respect – the place and the people
        culture and tradition) and NOT force new ideology and bring the belonging place he/she came from to it…

        Madonna is love,but she brained washed from the idea of Israel 4000 years ago..
        and all who she supported are really REALLY motherfucking criminals (and i mean big times criminal with smile in their faces)

        Liebe Grüße