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Pictures: Madonna attends Tupac Broadway musical

Madonna attending a preview of Tupac Broadway musical “Holler If Ya Hear Me” (June 16 2014)

Madonna attending a preview of Tupac Broadway

Madonna attending a preview of Tupac Broadway

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  • Richard

    She doesn’t look good at all. Her face looks so strange from the second half of 2013 (bigger lips and smaller eyes)

    • *

      It differs from shoot to shoot, which should tell you something about light, how far away something is shot and zoomed in, colours, textures, overall mood which influences how the “look” comes across and whatnot.

      • Richard

        I know her face and I can guess of which year every shoot is.

        Her face now is objectively totally different from the period between 2010 and 2012.

      • Artist/Designer (uni studied)

        No, by shoot I also mean candids. She looks different in many paparazzi pics from this year. So you can’t really be that objective if you don’t see something so obvious.

    • Colin Anderson

      Richard dear, do us a favour and grow a set of balls. Madonna is not 12, she’s had surgery AND?
      NOTHING STRANGE. What I find STRANGE is that people like YOU find this strange. Life keeps on, doesn’t get stuck in 1998.

      • Richard

        Nothing strange about the fact she used surgery. I only said she used too much surgery. She looked stunning in 2005/2006 and even with more surgery in 2012 she still looked perfect.
        Too much surgery made her face strange and not very beautiful IMHO
        Sometimes it’s not bad to say that that’s something bad about her. I’ll always love her music, but I will never like this face

  • paul

    Madonna you looking very youthfull your boyfriend is very likeable hes a keeper you seems very happy good for y I like him for y

  • pg

    madge you looking good there your boyfriend is hot as hell

  • Colin Anderson

    Q U E E N

    • fb

      How can you tell, we haven’t heard him speak yet! L.o.l.

      • Colin Anderson

        Lol – u cheeky sod!
        It wasn’t obviously what I meant. Even the fish in the ocean know what I meant. It’s what science may call FACT.