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Instagram: Madonna reveals new lyrics

Salvation through art! #heart #messiah #livingforlove

Madonna's new lyrics

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  • rabbitbunny


  • MAJ

    It’s very promising that she’s using the “earthy” concept of dark/light etc …… which is part of why she excelled on Ray of Light (RECORD OF MY LIFE!!) – rather than the dated concept of “tweeting on the elevator” looool

    • MAJ

      I also love the fact that she is putting time into this record – as oppose to MDNA which was banged out in a few weeks….. althoughhhhhhhhh MDNA has slowly grown on me over time.

    • artis

      MDNA range from bad songs -GMAYL, superstar, b-day…(really what was she thinking??)… to mediocre hits -GGW, i’m addicted, TUTR… to great songs -falling free, love spent, gang bang, best friend, masterpiece, some girls…
      well the better the most but still i have to skip many tracks when listening to it….the same with HC album. before the 2 of them, i workship almost all albums from the first to the last song.

      • MAJ

        You know I’ve noticed bday is not very liked amongst many fans…. though its not her at her best for sure, I bounce to it =) ….but Ur spot on, its deff not a “start to finish no skipping record” –

  • jdkfaf

    she uses Im a sinner lyrics here….but anyway the song was so unimportant no one will know…

    • MAJ

      Love I’m a sinner! She always part repeats lyrics here and there, I believe she once referred to it as “self referencing” – I love looking out for them =))

  • Colin Anderson

    The new album is looking awesome..bow to the Q U E EN!

  • L4jo1e

    ray of light tease

  • artis

    great! deep meanings, deep messages, nice words, that’s our girl. no more silly puerile hits please!