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Instagram: Madonna shares Messiah fan artwork

What can i say??? #repost #revolutionoflove #messiah #iconic #unapologeticbitch #livingforlove #artforfreedom

Madonna Messiah fan artwork

Madonna via Instagram

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  • artis

    this is bad photoshop. i wonder how she likes it to repost it.

    • *

      Probably because she has different frame of references and context to you.

  • Beltra

    Looking forward to another great song, album, and tour!! Keep it up.

  • tantuper

    for me this time it is a confusion !!! madonna is sowing too much tracks ..i don t understand but this image is realmadonna cd ? i ‘m not sure of that

  • Jeff

    she says “repost” a fan must have made it

  • ph

    is tat the cover of madge cd and is tat the name

    • yeah yeah

      Are you trying to be funny with tat ?