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Instagram: Madonna’s new song Messiah

Coming soon…….. #promise #keep #sorceress #deep

Madonna Messiah track

Madonna via Instagram

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  • slutty ass

    There’s already a song called: Messiah by Prides. She’s probably copying it. Check it out on youtube. Prides, Messiah.

    • honk honk !

      There’s many songs called Messiah, no doubt. i bet they all sound the same.

  • Nicky Prince of Pop

    Ollalla ^^

  • ny

    I cant wait the most awaiting ablum of the year wit rythem tempo orchestur intrsturment and soul us on its way

    • heh

      Do you really write like that ? It seems unnatural because the mispellings are too regular.

  • tantuper

    and she is so intelligence and creative to sow tracks in generally of her works ! who knows what it meansthis track!

  • tantuper

    i’m not sure that “messiah ” madonna’s song but i wait her album with joy and believe it will a good work this time

    • Nicky Prince of Pop

      she post it Oo so sure its her

  • Eman Micallef

    We are all excited for up coming madonna album

  • day4night

    Messiah not her song

  • Colin Anderson

    I’m beyond excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BOMB!!!!!!!

  • rabbitbunny

    Messiah will be a beautiful Madonna ballad!

  • Let’s Dance !

    I like this. Let’s hop the production won’t smooth it out too much.

    • Let’s Dance !


  • MM

    Hopefully this is a proper record,and she is not chasing american top 40! No more of that! She can do ballads like nobody’s business. They’re always gorgeous.

  • gh

    please madge dont let tis ablum be like the last one mdna was horrible but it did well madge i enjoy your other ablum like like a pray ray of light and my frovrite was bedtimes stroy it were more bllards and rand b americalife wast also a terrible ablum madge get rid of the dance musice more bllards r an b and lots of soul

  • ph

    put in a orchester lots or insturment and bllards and a little choir madge you have a grat record

    • the internet police

      Type properly, please.

  • de Sascha

    Looks like she’s putting A LOT of effort into this…

  • artis

    sooooo promising! i hope hope hope for a great new album, not just an album full of easy and silly dance songs…