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Pictures: Madonna in Los Angeles (June 30 2014)

Madonna leaving her gym in West Hollywood, LA (June 30 2014)

Madonna in Los Angeles on monday

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  • ava

    she looks great, natural, puff is gone, smiling, relaxed …I love her so much

  • tantuper

    i like her very much too in that look she amazing and natural with no makeup and ilove her tshirt and pants …like always .
    i want to know if she bought any home in los angeles , someone know it?

  • B.L

    My hero! Her candid lifestyle shots really proves the maturity of her metal. Wow M! Lookin’ amazing! IRON~LION~ZION.

  • MAJ

    I like this look alot better than the aggressive bulging biceps she used to have….. Very feminine and relaxed.

  • jay br

    she’s 54..always working out…lean body…that’s our gal…..

  • modjo

    Very hot bodyguard!

  • Roadwork

    Shes getting her buff Re-Invention Tour body back, Nice!