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Heartbreak City and Two Steps Behind Me rumoured lyrics

Heartbreak City

Cut me down the middle,
f***ed me up a little.
You said I was your queen.
I tried to give you everything.
And now you want your freedom

You got just what you came for,
a bit of fame and fortune,
and I’m no longer needed.

‘You tore me into pieces,
you didn’t have no damn reason.
I let you in my kingdom,
you helped yourself with everything.

‘I curse the day we met.
This memory is haunting me.
I wish I could forget.’

Two Steps Behind Me

You’re a copycat,
Where is my royalty?
You’re a pretty girl,
I’ll give you that.
But stealing my recipe,
it’s an ugly look,

Did you study me hard enough?
You’re never gonna be,
you’re just a wannabe me.
Like a sister all messed-up,
who’s gonna help you out?
In your fantasy, you can try it all.
But you can’t be me.

You can walk the walk,
even talk the talk.
But you’ll always be
two steps behind me.

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  • Fiona

    Reading these comments now 4 mths on when we know how brilliant this album is going to be … Thx to the leaks resulting in M’s early 6 track release ….. ur just goes to show how people judge without knowing the Big Picture. Madonna would be proud of you – NOT!!! Some of us keep the faith

  • house

    trash lyrics…well sounds like mdna-madonna is back…

  • Confessions

    I hope this album is as good as the albums “Ray Of Light” – “Music” and “Confessions On A Dance Floor” (Those were the golden days). I miss those days!!!

    Honestly I think the new album will be a lot of shit like the album “MDNA” (the worst album ever) I hope I am wrong.

  • rabbitbunny

    She will cry in these songs!

  • paul

    sounds a load of crap

  • a


  • you can do better

    whats that? mdna leftovers?

  • Nord

    Pice of shit

  • madonna

    I thought madonna was enlighted and spiritual and didnt think people should say anything bad about anyone else? lol… she is not walking the walk

  • Tommy Harmon Jr.

    She can definitley do better than this!

  • Chris

    I truly hope she has moved on from this crap. Can someone please turn on the Light?

  • artis

    totally crap lyrics, i hope its just a rumor. i have great expectations for the new album….enough with the mediocre dance hits from mainstream djs, we know she can do much better than that!!

  • ph

    who ever madonna pr person is need to be fire no date on the ablum or single