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Pictures: Madonna’s Birthday Party

Madonna celebrated her birthday in Cannes last night


Madonna Rebel Heart Tour Tickets and Dates
  • artisa

    she looks beautiful. great party.

  • Madonnanews

    New Madonna album:
    Title: THE MESSIAH
    (2014 November 10th/11th release) (11 tracks)
    Formats: Digital/CD/Vinyl/DVD/Torrent

    1. Inception
    2. Carry The Burden
    3. Rise of the Throne
    4. Matriarchy
    5. Living For Love
    6. The Iconic Seven
    7. Rebel Heart
    8. Anarchy
    9. Holy War
    10. The Art of Peace
    11. Messiah

    Over all theme, a Dark concept album; birth of a chosen Messiah who battles judgment and wrongful persecutions, leading to peace. Imagery theme: Fire, Ice,

    A massive and extensive promotional campaign will begin this fall. TV, Theaters, Internet, Itunes,radio and Print. Madonna will lean more heavy on performances rather interviews. While interviews may be sparse, the few done will be with major known interviewers. Itunes/Youtube will play a huge part in promotion.

    Distinct sounds from the album: a blend of folk/EDM/Pop/HipHop/R&B

    Promotional video “Messiah” (Sept. 19th) Released through Art For Freedom/Theaters
    First single “Living For Love” (Sept 19th/23rd)
    Lyric Video released simultaneously
    “Living For Love” promotional video (Oct. 3rd).

    Scheduled DVD release (Nov. 10th/11th)
    7 Music videos included.

    • *

      Whut ?

    • artis

      it looks promising! great song titles!!! i hope its true!

      thats the madonna i love.

  • ph

    Madonna let me gave you some advice on your birthday you need a change I mean the management of your career that means fireing your manager guy osery he . isn’t doing .a great job as a manger tis is the high tim of your life wen you suppose to be making all kinds of money singn contract deal indoesment deals putting your name on lalbels the only thing we have heard is an ablum and possible a tour but tat over a year now

  • Marina

    Admirable Madonna! Love you!Be so f””’g cool always!