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Madonna News - June 2018

Judge tells Madonna to quit messing with her neighbors

A Manhattan judge has a message for Madonna: stop messing with your neighbors.

Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Gerald Lebovits said the pop superstar was “merely harassing” fellow residents of her Upper West Side co-op for continuing to seek records from the board after she lost a legal bid challenging a rule that required her to be physically present in her $7.3 million pad when any of her family or staff are there.

She wanted access to board records including voting information and annual meeting minutes to “investigate how her lease was changed” and “how her family may use Unit 7A without breaching the lease.”

“Plaintiff does not need those materials anymore to prove a case that, by law, she is no longer allowed to prove,” Lebovits wrote in the decision released Friday.

Madonna sued Harperley Hall on West 64th Street and Central Park West in 2016 — two years after the board changed her original proprietary lease to say that her children and domestic help cannot live in the unit unless she herself is “in residence” at the time.

“Plaintiff is a world-renowned recording artist, performer and singer who is constantly on world tours,” she griped in her 2016 suit.

“As such, plaintiff owns many residences around the world and travels extensively worldwide,” she said in court papers.

Last September, Lebovits said she waited too long to sue and tossed the claim challenging the new lease.

Now he’s also tossing her demand for co-op records, saying that issue is moot.

Lawyers for Madonna and the co-op board did not immediately return messages seeking comment.

Page Six

Madonna calls out Migos on Instagram for posing outside her house

“That’s my house in Miami! What are you doing there??”

Madonna has commented on photo posted by Migos‘ Quavo, asking him why the rap trio is stood outside her Miami home.

On Wednesday (27 June), Quavo – one third of the Georgia group –shared a picture of him and the rappers posing outside a villa.

Madonna comments on Migos photo

The photo, shared on Instagram, was to publicise their new video for ‘Narcos’, a song that references Pablo Escobar and celebrates trap life.

Madonna appeared to be surprised to see her home on display. “That’s my house in Miami! What are you doing there??” she wrote, to which Quavo replied, “Trappin’.”


Madonna to headline Glastonbury 2019

Glastonbury was criticized last year for its lack of female headliners – so ­organiser Michael Eavis is aiming for the very best ahead of the 2019 festival.

“I can reveal the world’s biggest-selling female musician of all time, Madonna, is being lined up to perform at the event, which kicks off a year from now.”

Despite a career spanning more than 30 years, she has never appeared at Somerset’s Worthy Farm and is the top pick for the event as she gears up for the release of her 14th studio album.

A Glastonbury insider said: “Preparations are already well under way after they’ve taken this year off, and Michael and his ­daughter Emily Eavis want to make it better than ever.

“They have always been massive fans of Madonna and know she would put on an unforgettable show. It was really important that they had a diverse line-up for the 2019 festival after criticism of previous ones.”

“And with this being a fallow year they want to secure a really big name to drive ticket sales.”

“Thanks to all her huge hits, they are convinced that she would be a real crowd pleaser on the Pyramid Stage.”

Madonna has sold well over 300 million records during her career and notched up 13 UK No1 singles.

If she does decide to sign up for Glastonbury she will follow in the footsteps of just a handful of other incredible brilliant female headliners including Adele, Florence and the Machine and Beyonce. She is the first name in the picture for the 2019 festival, which will run from June 26 to 30.

The Sun

Madonna’s Love Letter to Amanda Cazalet up for an auction

Madonna was crushing hard on the model she famously kissed in her 1990 “Justify My Love” video, and professed it in a love letter … which could be yours, but not for cheap.

The Material Girl sent the handwritten letter to Amanda Cazalet in 1991, not long after the 2 worked together on the sexy music vid. She starts with a joke about not being able to get in touch with Amanda, saying it’s like “trying to seduce the pope.”

It gets much steamier from there, with Madonna calling her the most beautiful woman in the world and admitting she fantasizes about kissing her again. She adds … “I cannot explain my attraction — nevertheless it’s there.”

According to the online auction house, … Amanda says this letter is just one of several between Madge and her during the years following the music vid.

We’re told it will hit the auction block July 11, with a starting bid of $15,000, and close July 20.

Madonna's Love Letter to Amanda Cazalet
Madonna's Love Letter to Amanda Cazalet
Madonna's Love Letter to Amanda Cazalet


Junior Vasquez misses being pals with Madonna

Junior Vasquez — the iconic DJ and producer who remixed everyone from Britney Spears to Cher — has opened up about his tumultuous past with Madonna, and his wish they could be as close again.

“Her and I together. We were like brother and sister. Junior Vasquez and Madonna. We became a pair musically. I would like to collaborate again or [for her to] just be my friend … [It’s] more of the friendship that I want back,” Vasquez exclusively told “Page Six TV” ahead of his gay pride appearance at PlayStation on Saturday.

Vasquez and the “Material Girl” had a huge falling out in the mid ‘90s after he released the tune, “If Madonna Calls,” without the singer’s permission.

“It was a very confusing time because I know why she did it … because she didn’t want anyone to make money or fame off of her actual name,” he said. “But [I thought] it’s just a campy record. I ran into her a couple of times, but snub snub … I lost a friend,” he said.

Vasquez also told us Madge had a jealous streak.

“If I played a certain record… [like] if I played Vanessa Williams, she would look up at me funny [in the club],” he said. “There was a battle between her and Cyndi Lauper, but the battle was with me. Cyndi would say, ‘Oh, you’re going to see your other girlfriend now,’ because they were sort of rivals,” he said.

Junior Vasquez with Madonna in 1994

Vasquez, 68, has spent his later years out of the limelight in rural Pennsylvania, after beating a crystal meth addiction. But the house music legend, who was responsible for the beats at Sound Factory and Palladium, says he’s ready to come back.

“My time will pass when I’ve passed … I want to get back into the studio,” he said. A rep for Madonna did not comment.

Page Six

Seymour Stein recounts Madonna’s rise to fame

With her seductively catchy smash hits and signature style, Madonna had the competition licked from the start. As she turns 60, Event looks back on the dazzling rise and sheer gall of the Material Girl, through the eyes of those who know her best – starting with the untold story of the man who unleashed pop’s biggest and brashest plucky star!

I was awaiting open-heart surgery in New York’s Lenox Hill Hospital in mid-1982 when the demo tape arrived. As penicillin dripped into my heart, I slotted it into my Sony Walkman and immediately felt an excitement. I liked the hook, I liked the voice, I liked the feel, and I liked her name. I liked it all and played it again.

I reached over and called up Mark Kamins, the DJ who was hustling this new singer and her song to record companies all over town.

‘Can I meet you and Madonna?’

He called back and said they’d drop by the hospital that evening.


‘I know. I told her you were sick, but she really wants this.’

I hit all the panic buttons. ‘Get me a pair of pyjamas,’ I told my secretary. ‘Oh, and send me a hairdresser as soon as you can.’ read more →

Two More Madonna Vinyls to be reissued!

Madonna’s 2nd album, “Like A Virgin” will be reissued on a white vinyl (previously only available as a promo only release) on July 3rd.
Pre-order is available now at Amazon UK.
Who’s That Girl Soundtrack will be rereleased on a plain black vinyl on June 29th.
Pre-order available at Amazon UK, Amazon Italy and Amazon France (with a different release date: July 6th).

Madonna Like A Virgin White Vinyl
Madonna Like A Virgin White Vinyl
Madonna Who's That Girl Soundtrack

Deborah Feingold, Brian Aris on working with Madonna

When Deborah Feingold photographed her in Feingold’s studio flat in New York in 1982, it was clear that even aged 24 and yet to release her first album, the young singer was incredibly focused:

“She took the elevator to my seventh-floor flat and got straight on with it,” Feingold recalls of the shoot for Star Hits magazine. “She was completely in control of everything. She knew how she wanted to look, how to move, and how she would look from every angle. We barely spoke. She just danced and I shot – about 48 frames. We didn’t talk about anything. I had a bowl of candy in the room and she just took some bubblegum and then picked up a lollipop and licked it. After about 15 minutes, we knew we’d both got what we wanted and she left.”

Brian Aris was asked to photograph the young singer two years later, in London.

“Madonna arrived on time but with a large entourage – and there was a spat at the end when one young man tried to collect a number of my Polaroid pictures,” he said. “Madonna didn’t conform to the normal pop profile of the period. She didn’t want over-made-up styling. Compared to the big hair and extraordinary make-up used by stars like Boy George and Eurythmics, her look was pretty subdued. She had serious attitude and knew exactly what she wanted, but there were no tears or tantrums. Madonna had great sex appeal and a unique look. She always confronts and challenges the camera.”

Daily Mail