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We Jammin…………… 🥁 🥁 🎺 🎺 #notyourbitch #madamextheatre #chicagotheatre @miroca_paris @jessicapinatrumpet

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Everybody Knows The Damn Truth…………. 🇺🇸 🇺🇸 🇺🇸 🇺🇸 #guncontrol #madamextheatre #chicagotheatre

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Madonna's Instagram Madonna's Instagram Madonna's Instagram Madonna's Instagram Madonna's Instagram Madonna's Instagram Madonna's Instagram Madonna's Instagram Madonna's Instagram Madonna's Instagram Madonna's Instagram Madonna's Instagram Madonna's Instagram Madonna's Instagram Madonna's Instagram Madonna's Instagram Madonna via Instagram, on October 31 2019 read more →

Crave Remixes Pt 1. out now

Crave Remixes Pt 1. are now available on Amazon, iTunes and other digital platforms.


1. Crave (Tracy Young Dangerous Remix) [feat. Swae Lee]
2. Crave (Tracy Young Dangerous Radio Edit) [feat. Swae Lee]
3. Crave (Benny Benassi & BB Team Extended Remix) [feat. Swae Lee]
4. Crave (Benny Benassi & BB Team Radio Edit) [feat. Swae Lee]
5. Crave (RNG Club Remix) [feat. Swae Lee]
6. Crave (Otto Benson Remix) [feat. Swae Lee]
7. Crave (Twisted Dee & Diego Fernandez Remix) [feat. Swae Lee]
8. Crave (Dan De Leon & Anthony Griego Remix) [feat. Swae Lee]

Download/Stream at Amazon US, Amazon UK, Amazon Germany or Amazon France

Madonna Crave Remixes Pt.1

Madonna’s Madame X Tour – Billboard Boxscore

After touring arenas and stadiums for much of the last four decades, Madonna is experimenting with a new format for her live shows, playing mini-residencies in theaters around the world.

The Madame X Tour kicked off with a sold-out 16-show run at Brooklyn’s Howard Gilman Opera House (the theater is one of many facilities at BAM, the Brooklyn Academy of Music). Averaging less than 2,000 seats per night, Madonna played to intimate audiences over the span of a month. According to figures reported to Billboard Boxscore, the shows combined to gross $9.6 million and sold 31,401 tickets.

Broken out by month, Madonna’s nine shows in September grossed $5.5 million (17,708 tickets), followed by seven shows from Oct. 1-12 that earned $4.1 million (13,693 tickets). That averages out to $601,985 and 1,963 tickets per show.

Playing such intimate shows means that the extended stay at each venue is necessary in order to capture the wide-ranging audience that Madonna has previously been able to reach in just one or two shows per city. Her last venture in New York was a two-show stint at Madison Square Garden, where she grossed $5.2 million and sold 28,371 tickets on the 2015-16 Rebel Heart Tour. Further, she hit Yankee Stadium on Sept. 6 and 8, 2012, pulling in $12.6 million from 79,775 tickets — more than twice the attendance of her 2019 theater run, playing one-eighth of the shows. read more →

Madame X Tour Los Angeles Update

With the highly specialized visual and production elements, Madonna’s Madame X Tour at The Wiltern in Los Angeles will now begin on Wednesday, November 13. The additional nine performances November 14, 16, 17, 19, 20, 21, 23, 24 and 25 will proceed as scheduled.

Due to scheduling limitations, we are unfortunately unable to reschedule the November 12th date. Patrons who purchased tickets for that performance will be automatically refunded. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Crave Remixes Pt. 1 out October 25th

According to, Madonna’s song Crave will finally get officially released Remixes on October 25th.
Crave Remixes Pt. 1 Tracklisting:

Crave (Tracy Young Dangerous Remix) 4:48
Crave (Tracy Young Dangerous Radio Edit) 3:24
Crave (Benny Benassi & BB Team Extended Remix) 4:52
Crave (Benny Benassi & BB Team Radio Edit) 3:19
Crave (RNG Club Remix) 6:39
Crave (Otto Benson Remix) 4:23
Crave (Twisted Dee & Diego Fernandez) 7:17
Crave (Dan De Leon & Anthony Griego Remix) 7:10

Madonna on the cover of 1000th issue of Hot Press Magazine

The 1000th issue of Hot Press – which has five covers, to mark the five decades that we’ve been on the road – is out now!

For our 1000th issue, we decided to do something special. As 2019 draws to a close, we wanted our 1000th issue to look back on five decades of music and culture, and maybe even to talk a little bit about the part that Hot Press has played in documenting their developments.

Cover #3: Madonna
For our ’90s cover, we feature the biggest pop artist of her generation, and possibly the most influential female performer of all time. Madonna has spent her career embodying much of what Hot Press is all about – she’s pushed the boundaries of pop music, reinvented her music and image time and again, and her progressive outlook on issues like sex and gender have drawn controversy from more conservative bases (not that that’s ever stopped her from doing what she wants…)

Madonna on the cover of Hot Press


Madame X Tour in Chicago – Chicago Tribune Review

Madonna does what she wants, when she wants, for whatever reason she wants. In fact, the Madonna of today may be more stubborn. Yes, she has amassed a trove of hits from each decade of her career. But the hits matter less to the artist than the intention behind her music.

Known as something of a chameleon, Madonna made a case for the interconnectedness of her total body of work during the first night of the Chicago leg of her intimate, cell phone-free Madame X tour. A small number of older songs were carefully intertwined with a heavy selection of tracks off her latest album, “Madame X,” to tell the story of this new character. And who is Madame X?

A freedom fighter, for one. Dance is politics. Music is politics. Madonna laid plain the intentions of each “Madame X” show from the start. On stage was very little in the beginning, just a silhouette of a woman at a typewriter, a large black screen, and a fit young dancer jerking his limbs to the rhythm of each keystroke. Behind him, a 1961 quote by James Baldwin splashed across the screen: “Artists are here to disturb the peace.” Get the picture? This is not a moment of nostalgia for Madonna. But if you’re interested in “waking up,” in getting uncomfortable, then stick around. read more →