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Videos: Living for Love, Ghosttown + Interview on Le Grand Journal

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Pitchfork Interview with Madonna


There’s an approximate 100% probability that any living human over the age of, say, 25 has some sort of specific Madonna-related memory. Perhaps you slow danced to “Crazy for You” at a high school prom, memorized the “Vogue” choreography in your dorm room, warbled out “Express Yourself” at a bachelorette party, had a dancefloor epiphany to “Ray of Light”, or fumbled through some sexual experimentation with Erotica throbbing in the background. Perhaps, like me, you grew up worshipping at the altar of “Into the Groove”-era Madonna and quietly contemplated your own burgeoning sexuality after obsessively viewing Truth or Dare around five million times. Even if you aren’t a super fan—or even a fan at all—there’s no escaping Madonna. She is everywhere.

It is not hyperbole to say that Madonna profoundly influenced the ways in which an entire generation of young people thought about music, fashion, and—in particular—sex. She was one of the first celebrities of her time to advocate on behalf of gay people and speak openly about AIDS. She was a provocateur of the highest order, even when it wasn’t necessarily in her best interest. (Go back and watch some of the now quaint-seeming news coverage regarding the release of her 1992 Sex book just to have a laugh at how radically the cultural landscape has—and hasn’t—changed). She has also sold over 300 million records. These are all good reasons to talk about Madonna, but they still aren’t the most important reason: She essentially built the house that everyone else—Britney, Beyoncé, Nicki, Gaga, Sky, Rihanna, Katy, Ariana, even Kanye—all now get to call home. She devised the archetype of pop stardom as we know and understand it today. And, with the exception of Michael Jackson—the King of Pop to her Queen—Madonna’s enduring impact on popular culture remains pretty much unequaled.

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Watch: Die Welt Interview with Madonna


Visit to watch Martin Sholz interview Madonna for German Magazine Welt:

Madonna DIe Welt Interview

Video: France 2 Interview with Madonna


France 2 aired a brief interview with Madonna. Video is available at Madonna’s part starts around 37:45 and it’s all dubbed in French.

Madonna France 2 Interview

Video: Europe1 Interview with Madonna


Videos: Time Magazine Interview with Madonna


Preview: New Madonna Interview for Time Magazine


Entertainment Tonight just aired a brief preview of Madonna’s Interview for Time magazine.

Madonna Time Magazine Interview

Watch: Interview with Madonna for German RTL


Visit to watch the interview with Madonna by David Modjarad, for German RTL.
*Video is dubbed in German

Madonna Interviewed for RTL

Translation (Thanks to Daniel / MadonnaNation):

Q: How would you describe the song Living for Love? I’ve read your old ‘I’ meets the new I and becomes one.
Madonna: The song is about survival, it’s about going through a phase in your life that is very challenging, to stand up again, no matter how hard the pain is, leaving everything behind that’s not good for me or prevents me from being ME.

ON leaking RH:
M: I was really devastated when I found out, I was even more devastated when I learned how long this has been going on, they told me there is no guarantee if they will ever get the person, but the did found the leaker and it feels awkward, I was really happy they found said person but I’ve also cried a lot.

ON Madonna constantly starting scandals etc:
Q: How do you cope with the pressure?
M: That’s a really stupid question, now it’s time for you to have a drink.

Q: Why was it a dumb question?
M: Because what’s the point?
Come on, drink!

Q: Only me?
M: Yeah I didn’t ask this stupid question.

Q: Okay you didn’t like the question?
M: No, I don’t like questions about me being a celebrity.

Q: It was not meant to be a question about you being a celebrity.
M: Oh yes, you said, you are MADONNA, so there’s gotta be some pressure
I’m telling you I’m an artist. No matter how famous you are, it’s a continuing process, and the problem is that one is actually never satisfied.
So I hope you liked your little drink.

Q: Oh yes it was good, but I hope I don’t have to drink another one, it was very strong! But you know what I forgot all the questions now.
M: Well that was my goal!

Q: How do her children like her music?
M: Sonically, they inspire me, because they bring home constantly new music and they tell me hey mum listen to this what a cool sound, then I think wow, that’s unbelievable, actually it’s their fault that I’m listening to cool music and they influence my work a lot. Especially this record.

Q: Is it true that you wanted to become a teacher?
M: Mhm. That’s true.

Q: I think you would have been a fantastic teacher! What would you teach?
M: Philosophy, history also religion. Preferrably all three things.

Q: How would you summarize, describe your new album?
M: It’s amazing (laughs). How would I sum it up? I don’t know, it shows what a person I am right now, (expression of who I am today).

Q: I have another question, maybe it’s a bit dumb.
M: Think of the Tequila!

Q: Anyways, Cooking, I’ve heard that there is one thing you’re not interested in. and that is cooking.
M: That’s not that I don’t like it. I can’t do it because no one ever showed it to me. But I admire people who know how to cook. Another dumb question. But I’m not forcing you to drink or else you’d be crawling out of here.

Q: Okay one last question. I had to drink one shot now, is this good or bad?
M. If you only had one you’re good. I would say you did really well.

High fives Madonna.

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