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Madonna Interview : Brit Awards Magazine

Madonna - Brit Awards Magazine / 1999

Dear Madonna…

The past year has been another one of huge success for the first lady of pop and rock with Ray of Light, her first collection of new songs for four years, topping the UK album chart and hitting number one in more countries than you could throw a World Atlas at. Similarly her single Frozen did some substantial business on a truly global scale.

Well, as if to make life absolutely complete for one of the world’s truly giant superstars, we decided to put some posers to her; throw her some questions that we collected from what they call “ordinary people.”

Was Ray Of Light an easy or difficult album to write and record?

“I had just finished recording and filming Evita which was difficult but very inspiring. I was pregnant and happy to get home to start working on my very own project – the writing and recording of my next album.
The writing part came quite easily and I enjoyed all the people I was working with on the CD – Pat Leonard, Rick Knowles, Wm Orbit and Patrick McCarthy.”

What turned you on to British producer William Orbit?

“I have been a fan of Willim O’s for years. I was dying to work with him. I called him straight away and he sent me some tapes and ideas and I knew we had the same musicial sensibilities. And, we had lots of fun working together in the studio. I think we’re a great team.”

How important were your religous/spiritual beliefs in the creating of the album?

“My religious and spiritual beliefs inform everything I do professionally and personally. I think that’s very clear if one listens to the lyrics of the songs on Ray Of Light.”

What has been the most enjoyable moment in your career?

“Definitely the completing of the Evita movie and soundtrack and working on Ray Of Light.”

What was the last album you bought?

“The last album I bought was Lauryn Hill’s new CD.”

And the last concert you went to?

“The last concert was Lenny Kravitz. I worked with Lenny a while back on Justify My Love and we performed together on the MTV Awards. I’m a big fan.”

What are your future plans for film/TV/theatre work?

“I hope to do a film with Rupert Everett. We would co-star and it’s a comedy. Rupert is working on the script now and maybe we’ll start filming early this year. Also the musical Chicago could possibly film late this year and I’m reading scripts all the time.”

After Eva Perin, is there another character from history or fiction you would like to portray?

“Jane Digby.” (Lady Jane Digby was born in England in 1807. At 17 she married Lord Ellenborough then eloped with Austrian prince, married a German Baron and had affairs with a European King and numerous Clients before travelling to North Africa. Aged nearly 50, she married a Bedouin nobleman 20 years her junior. She died in Damascus in 1881.)

What books would you recommend to people?

“Captain Corelli’s Mandolin, Memoirs Of A Geisha and Katherine Graham’s autobiography.”

Has having your own record label changed your views on the record business and how much are you involved with the day to day business of Maverick?

“I’ve always been involved in the business aspect of my career but it’s thrilling to nurture new artists and be part of a record company. I’m thrilled at the success we’ve had with Alanis Morissette, Me’Shell Ndegeocello, Candlebox, Prodigy, Deftones; actually all the artists on Maverick. Nothing gets signed without me hearing it first. I also attend marketing meetings when I can but we do have a great staff at the labem that deals with most of the to day activities. And my partner Guy Oseary is a genius.”

There are reports that you want to move and live here. What’s the greatest attraction for you about the UK?

“I love the weather.”

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