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Madonna Interview : Late Show with David Letterman

Madonna - Late Show with David Letterman / March 31 1994 David Letterman: Our first guest tonight is one of the biggest stars in the world, in the past ten years she has sold over 80 million albums starred in countless films and slept with some of the biggest names in the Entertainment industry. Paul: She’s your guest! David: It’s right there on her bio for heavens sake. Paul: She’s your guest. David: It’s what it says. Paul: She’s your guest. David: Oh, she’s, oh, everything’s fine just relax will ya. David: We’re just trying to have fun. Paul: Ok, I know. David: Ok, Ladies and Gentleman, here she is Madonna. [Madonna comes out and hands Dave her panties] David: How are you doing? Madonna: I’m only here ’cause there isn’t a Knicks game, don’t get excited. David: Oh, come on. David: Lets go kiss a guy in the audience, why don’t you go kiss a guy in the audience. Madonna: Why are you so obsessed with my sex life? David: As we all know, I have none of my own. Madonna: Well, um. David: Go kiss the guy in the audience, it would knock him out. David: Look at that guy, just, like on the forehead, just on the forehead. Madonna: I can’t. [both laughing] Madonna: He’s not tall enough. David: I like that, she said “I can’t”, lot of people would cave into the pressure and say oh alright, they’d go out and kiss him and get it over with. Madonna: Yeah well I’ve never succumbed to peer pressure. David: Well good for you, that’s what we love about you Madonna. Madonna: Yes. David: What brings you…. Madonna: Incidentally, you are a sick f***. Madonna: I don’t know why I get so much s***. David: You realize this … Madonna: You’re twisted. David: … is being broadcast, don’t you? Madonna: Yeah. David: Well you can’t be talking like that. Madonna: What? David: I say, oh never mind. David: What brings you to… Madonna: Wait a minute, Aren’t you going to smell them? [referring to the panties] David: [Sighs twice] Madonna: I gave them to you for a reason. David: Let’s see what I’m doing at my house right now ladies and gentlemen. Madonna: No, no, no, no, no. David: I’ll take care of that later, it’s a lovely… Madonna: I gave him, my, come on, I gave him my underpants and he won’t smell… Madonna: That’s not where they go. [Dave putting them in his desk drawer] David: No, that’s, no believe me, that’s where the underwear go, that’s… David: That’s where, see look here’s where I keep my socks, here’s where I keep my panties. David: That’s where they go. Madonna: No, that’s where, that’s where you keep my panties. David: Ok. David: So what are you doing in New York city? Let me ask you a question, are you buying an NBA team, you buying the Bulls, you buying the Miami Heat, you buying a whya whya … Madonna: No. David: How come? Madonna: Uhhmm. David: Is that just a rumor? Is that an un… Madonna: Yes. David: Untrue rumor? David: But you like basketball. Madonna: Isn’t that an oxymoron? An untrue rumor. David: No … Not necessarily. Madonna: Isn’t that sort of like jumbo shrimp? David: Some rumors are true. David: Yeah jumbo shrimp, yes, oxymoron, I mean. Madonna: Untrue rumor. David: No, no some rumors are true. Madonna: Untrue rumor, I mean that’s like funny David Letterman. David: Oh, man. David: Sir, [to the man who would have been kissed by Madonna] you’re the luckiest man in the house! David: So you like basketball a great deal, where’s your interest in basketball. Madonna: [looking up at microphone] That microphone is really long. Madonna: Speaking of the NBA. Madonna: I’m sorry. [giggling] Madonna: I always go there, and really I don’t care, I mean.