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Madonna Interview : Smash Hits

Madonna - Smash Hits / September 06 2000

Madge For It!

She may be one of the most famous women in the world, but two days before she gave birth to her second child, Rocco, Madonna found time to talk to her fav mag, Smash Hits…

What can we expect from your new album ?

Funky, electronic music blended with futuristic folk. Lots of jangly guitars and moody melancholic lines.

You’ve described Music as your love you but fuck you record, excuse me ?

It means that instead of just being a straightforward love song, it’s a love song that is angst-ridden. It’s like i love you but you are torturing me, and i wish that i didn’t love you because my life would be easier but probably more boring.

How does it feel releasing your new album compared to your first one ?

There is no difference. I’m still just as nervous and anxious about what people will think and how it will be received as i was 17 years ago.

Who’s your favorite boyband member at the moment ?

I don’t have one, I’m not really into that sort of music.

Your boyfriend Guy Ritchie is a film director, and Vinnie Jones is in his new movie Snatch. Have you met Vinnie and was he scarey ?

Yes, i have met him and no he wasn’t scarey – he was very charming actually.

Did you know that Guy had slipped a bit of your old song Lucky Star into Snatch ?

He didn’t tell me until after he’d done it, but when he showed it to me i loved it.

Will Guy be filming the birth ?

Absolutely no way !

Did you enjoy your mud bath recently ?

Yes thank you. It was in a lake called the Mirro of Venus in Sicily, and they say it’s supposed to be really good for you. My skin is still glowing.

Madonna - Smash Hits / September 06 2000

How long did it take to get the mud out of your crevices ?

None of your business !

Ali G stars in your new video with you, whats your favorite Ali expression ?


Do you find yourself using them without even realizing it ?

Boyakasha !

Does Lourdes know any rude words yet ?

Yes unfortunately. Thanks to Ali G she goes around the house singing about Puta….rude things !

Whats your fashion tip for this season ?

You should never ask a pregnant person that question !

OK ! How are you finding life in England ?

Great architecture. Great Museums. Great music. Great schools. Great pubs !

But what do you miss about America ?

As you’d expect i miss all my friends – and also the fast, efficient service you get in America !

Boyakasha !

Respec !

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