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Madonna Interview : Star Hits Confidential

Madonna - Star Hits Confidential / 1986

Name: Madonna Ciccone. It’s my real name. It’s very Italian. But everyone was telling me when I was in Italy that it’s sacreligious. People go “Madonna Mia,” and when they screamed my name it sounded like they were cursing about something. It’s very confusing.

Born: In Detroit. What year was I born? Why do I have to tell everybody that all the time? Just read it in another magazine. (Madonna was born August 16, 1958 – Field and Stream Magazine Ed.)

Nicknames: My father called me Nonny, I think that’s how I said my name when I was little.

Jobs: Before this blasphemous job? I worked at Burger King and McDonalds and I was a lifeguard at a swimming pool, and I scooped ice cream, and I was a painters’ model. I took off all my clothes, and they pretended to draw my body artistically. Those are all the legal jobs I had.

School: I went to three different Catholic schools, uniforms and nuns hitting you over the head with staplers and like that. To my superiors I seemed like a vey very good girl. I used to be the hall monitor and report people who weren’t behaving and I used that situation to torture people – just make up things that they didn’t really do. My mother died when I was really young so the nuns always forgave me and I knew it so I milked it for everything I could.

First Record Bought: The very first ones I used to listen to were twist records. My father and mother had a lot of twist records. I did the limbo to Chubby Chucker records – you know, you go under a broom. And I listened to Johnny Mathis and Harry Belafonte and Sam Cooke. I got more into pop music when I was older – not The Beatles really. I moved into things like “The Letter” by The Box Tops and “Sugar Sugar” by The Archies. I love that record! And “Incense and Peppermints” and “Quinn The Eskimo.” And then there was the Motown thing.

What’s Wrong With Disco Music? There’s no image to connect the music with so it fades back into nothing after it’s been on the radio for weeks.

First Car: When I was 16 I got a red ’66 Mustang. I crashed it though. When I moved to New York I never drove. But you have to in Los Angeles.

Pet Peeve: I hate polite conversation… when people stand around and go “Hi how are you?” I hate word that don’t have any reason or meaning.

Favorite Foreign Film: That changes. I saw Entre Nous, and that’s a brilliant movie. I love all of Fassbinder’s movies, especially The Marriage of Maria Braun.