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Madonna Interview : TV Week

Madonna TV Week / February 28 2000

TV Week: Were you responsible for choosing American Pie for this film?

Madonna: No, I wasn’t. At the start of TNBT a character dies, and Rupert wanted the song to be included and for the characters too sing it in protest against the family and how uptight they are. It was also Rupert who said “You should do a cover of it”. At first I was like, “no way”. I loved the song when I was growing up, but it never occurred for me [to cover it]. Also the length of the original song is eight minutes and I just couldn’t imagine anybody playing the song on the radio. But he kept bugging me about it, so then I said, “OK, I’m embracing this idea now”.

TV Week: How long is your version of American Pie?

Madonna: I only did 2 verses of the five that are in the original song, and Rupert is my backup singer.

TV Week: How do you rate him as a backup singer?

Madonna: He’s good – he can carry a tune. Honestly we were all surprised, like, “Uh-oh, Rupert is coming to sing today”. but he’s good. He made a couple of records earlier in his career.

TV Week: Continuing the theme of TNBT, are you going to have more children?

Madonna: I have thought about it, and I would love to. We’ll see what happens.

TV Week: Are you in the Barney years with your daughter Lourdes, or is it Pokemon?

Madonna: Neither of those, because my daughter doesn’t watch TV. She doesn’t even know who Barney is. She knows who Pokemon is because everyone gave her a Pokemon thing for Christmas, but she’s never sen anything with Pokemon in it.

TV Week: How do you think having a baby has changed your life?

Madonna: I have to be more organized with my time, and I really don’t have any free time anymore.

TV Week: Is Lourdes a little performer?

Madonna: Yeah…”little” doesn’t fit the picture! Funnily enough, she ‘s a very good singer and dancer. I’m telling you, she has the perfect pitch. She memorizes the words to songs instantly and sings them back to you. It’s unbelievable.

TV Week: Does she sing your songs to you?

Madonna: She sings everything. She likes the Spice Girls, she likes me.

TV Week: Does Lourdes do yoga?

Madonna: Not the kind of yoga that I do.

TV Week: Is it true you’ve formed a partnership with the guy you’re dating and called it Mad Guy Films?

Madonna: You’ve got things all mixed up. Guy Oseary is my partner, he’s my business partner. I run my record company with him, and my film and television company Mad Guy with him. Guy Ritchie is the boyfriend. That’s the beginning and end of it. There are two very important Guys in my life and I adore both of them.

TV Week: How did you meet Guy Ritchie?

Madonna: A mutual friend of mine – Trudie Styler, the wife of Sting. She produced Guy’s last movie and invited him to her house for lunch one day, and I was invited too.