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Madonna’s Lucky Star Music Video

The Video, Credits & Info

Premiere: August 1984
Director: Arthur Pierson
Producer: Glenn Goodwin
Director of Photography: Wayne Isham
Art Director: Madonna
Choreography: Wayne Isham
Make Up: Debi Mazar
Stylist: Maripol, Erica Bell
Cast: Madonna, Erica Bell and Christopher Ciccone
Production Company: Faultline Films
Filming Location: Los Angeles, United States
Budget: $14000

Extended Music Video

Madonna Intruducing the Video

Video Facts

Jeff Ayeroff (producer at Warner) on making the video:
“I made “Lucky Star” for $14,000 with a friend who was a pot grower from Bolinas, California. We’d released “Everybody,” “Burning Up,” “Holiday,” and “Borderline” as singles. And Madonna didn’t want to release “Lucky Star.” Around the same time, she was getting sued and needed money. I said, “Let me release ‘Lucky Star,’ and I guarantee you’ll sell enough records to pay that off.” “Lucky Star” broke the first album wide open.”

Wayne Isham (director of photography) on making the video:
“Jeff Ayeroff gave his friend Arthur Pierson a video to direct, and I ended up as the director of photography on that clip, “Lucky Star.” And Madonna was so pissy. We start to do a shot and I realized I was using the wrong lens. I said, “Sorry, I have to change lenses.” And she was angry. Didn’t want to wait. I said, “Dude, I can’t just shit a lens.” Everybody was freaking out. Maybe I could have said it in a different way.”