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Madonna TV: Updates

  • Madonna im Gespräch video

    Madonna im Gespräch

    Madonna interviewed by Roger Willemsen for ZDF's "Madonna im Gespräch" TV Special

    October 1994
  • Madonna on the set of Desperately Seeking Susan video

    Madonna on the set of DSS

    Madonna interviewed on the set of "Desperately Seeking Susan" film

    October 1984
  • Madonna on Excellent Adventure video

    Madonna on Excellent Adventure

    Madonna interviewed by Andrew G for his Excellent Adventure TV Show

    November 29 2005
  • Madonna on SVT video

    Madonna on SVT

    Madonna interviewed by Gunnar Rehlin for Swedish SVT

    September 02 2011
  • Madonna on Mexican TV video

    Madonna on Mexican TV

    Madonna interviewed on Mexican TV

    December 1992
  • Madonna on ET video

    Madonna on ET

    Madonna interviewed on Entertainment Tonight

    August 12 1998
  • Madonna on MTV video

    Madonna on MTV

    Madonna interviewed at New York Warner Bros. Offices for MTV

    September 1984
  • Madonna on Showbiz Weekly video

    Madonna on Showbiz Weekly

    Madonna interviewed by Tim Muffet on Sky News Showbiz Weekly

    March 2000
  • Madonna on The Arsenio Hall Show video

    Madonna on The Arsenio Hall Show

    Madonna interviewed by Arsenio Hall on his TV Show

    May 01 1990
  • Madonna on Deja Dimanche video

    Madonna on ET

    Jeanne Wolf interviewed Madonna at the Los Angeles Premiere of "Desperately Seeking Susan" for Entertainment Tonight

    March 29 1985