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Madonna TV: 2001

  • Madonna on ET video


    Madonna interviewed by Julie Moran for "Entertainment Tonight" at the "Snatch" Premiere in Los Angeles

  • Madonna - Grammy Awards Commercial (2001)

    Grammy Awards Promo

    Madonna in a Commercial for 2001 Grammy Awards

  • Madonna - BMW 'The Star' Commercial (2001)

    BMW Commercial

    Madonna with Clive Owen in a Guy Ritchie directed "The Star", short Film / Commercial for BMW

  • Drowned World Tour Pre-Show video

    Drowned World Tour Pre-Show

    Madonna interviewed by Karen Duffy for HBO's "Drowned World Tour" Pre-Show

  • Madonna - Windows XP Commercial (2001)

    Windows XP Promo

    Madonna's Ray Of Light was used in a commercial for Microsoft's Windows XP OS

  • Swept Away Promo Skit video

    Swept Away Promo Skit

    Madonna in Swept Away Promo Skit

  • Madonna at Turner Prize video

    Turner Prize

    Madonna presenting the Turner Prize at the Tate Britain Gallery

  • Madonna on Today video


    Madonna interviewed by Matt Lauer for NBC's "Today" TV Show

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