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Jonas Akerlund discusses Madonna’s Videos


Director Jonas Akerlund has worked with Madonna on some of her most iconic music videos, bringing “Ray of Light,” “American Life” and “Music” to life. After he ​shared behind-the-scenes stories from her most recent video, “Bitch I’m Madonna,” Akerlund gave EW the inside scoop on what it was like to put together the rest of their greatest collaborations.

“Ray of Light”

This was the first music video Madonna and Akerlund worked on together nearly 20 years ago, and he says at that time, he still didn’t know how to behave around artists of her stature. “I decided to be myself and talk about the job as I see it and hopefully we hit it off,” he says. “It was a different attitude and we started to shoot it in Sweden. We shot a few days before I met her and that idea was so spread out. Both of us felt we had something special. We just worked together and I thought that was it. I went back to Sweden with a VHS tape showing them, ‘That’s cool!’ and then we moved on.”


Madonna teamed up with then-unknown comic Sacha Baron Cohen for this glossy piece of eye-candy, which finds Madonna tooling around town in a limo with her girlfriends. “She was pregnant at the time,” Akerlund says. “She had a big fur on to cover her belly. We always had an idea to have an animated part and almost like cartoon-ish, with the colors. We wanted to have a comedian in there. I had met Sacha [Baron Cohen] in England right at the time, and he was just about to break out as Ali G. in the U.K. Nobody knew who he was in America.” Madonna, however, saw star power. “She instantly fell in love with him, like the rest of the world did. It took another year or two before the world knew who he was. Man, I wish we had those outtakes.”

“American Life”

The music video for “American Life” was due out around the same time the Iraq War broke out, and the track ended up sparking some controversy on American soil. “The timing was pretty amazing how we made that video,” he says. “I think the same week we were supposed to release the video the [Iraqi] War broke out. It was literally the same week. I was traveling between Europe and America at that time. I could really see the two different perspectives. In Sweden we were like, ‘This video has to be released, it’s very important.’ And in America, we thought we can’t release it. I connected with both perspectives. I could see how it was controversial, but for two completely different reasons. But [Madonna] did the right decision to not show it at the time. There was no discussion.”


Akerlund knew he wanted to use Madonna’s backup dancers, who were parkour experts, for this video. “I knew all about [parkour],” he says. “The reason why we did it was because she was touring and she had the best parkour kids on her tour. It was one of those videos we shot wen she was touring. We had to find time for it on her schedule and it ended up being in Tokyo. Visually, it’s awesome and I really wanted to use her parkour guys that she had on her tour. That itself is all I needed to get going. It was crazy shooting in Tokyo, but it worked really well with the music.”


Akerlund says that they actually ended up with two different videos for “Celebration.” One focused on her biggest fans, and both were shot on tour. “We shot that part with her and her dancers and Milan, and then we shot the parts with the fans in Barcelona,” he says. “The way we did it was kind of cool actually. We had a section outside the arena where she was shooting and we made a line to the people there, and the music was going in a loop. We were just shooting. Some people came as dedicated fans and some dressed up, and my AV was like ‘Next, next!’ We ended up with way more. The fan version has all the crazy fans.”


According to Akerlund, Madonna knew exactly what she wanted for the post-apocalyptic clip “Ghosttown,” which features actor Terrence Howard. “The good thing for me was that Madonna had a clear idea what the song was about,” Akerlund says.” The whole end of the world theme was perfect. Visually, we could make something out of it. We shot it over two nights. Also a night shoot actually. We were on location in Los Angeles. And we took all the people out to shoot in the desert in a closed down factory. It’s a big deal to do that. There was a lot of production design to it. That location was dirty. Dirty for real! But Madonna was going all the way.”

Entertainment Weekly

Madonna’s Instagram: Madonna playing “Whole Lotta Love”


I’m gonna give you every inch of my Love <3 #rebelhearttour

Madonna plays Zeppelin on guitar

Channelling Led Zeppelin Whole Lotta Love <3 #rebelheart

Madonna via Instagram

Amy Schumer To Open for Madonna at NYC Shows


A select group of comedians can claim that they’ve performed at sold-out arenas, but how many can say they’ve performed at sold-out arenas as Madonna’s opening act? Amy Schumer will earn that bragging right when she opens for the pop superstar during her three-night stay in New York City this September.
The Inside Amy Schumer star shared the news on Twitter on Thursday (June 18), writing, “Guess who auditioned for @Madonna and got the part?” She also shared an impossibly adorable clip of herself “auditioning” for the part — as in, singing along to “Like a Prayer” as a pre-teen.
Madonna will be joined by Schumer at Madison Square Garden on Sept. 16 and 17, as well as at Brooklyn’s Barclays Center on Sept. 19. Tickets are on sale now.


Madonna Rebel Heart Tour Tickets and Dates

Watch: Behind the Scenes of “B*tch I’m Madonna” Video (2nd Version)


Jonas Akerlund talks about “B*tch I’m Madonna” video


On Coming Up With the Concept
“Madonna called me about ‘Ghosttown.’ We hadn’t worked for a while because of different circumstances so when I heard all the songs [on Rebel Heart], I was very excited about ‘Ghosttown.’ I connected to it creatively. And, yeah, we enjoyed working together. I was supposed to start something else right after and that got pushed and she asked me to do ‘Bitch I’m Madonna.’ I saw it being so completely different from ‘Ghosttown,’ something a little bit less serious, just fun and crazy.”

On Preparing for the Shoot
“It became almost mathematic figuring out how to shoot it. We had a detailed shotlist. We also rehearsed, which is rare for a music video.”

On Filming Over One Night in New York City
“It’s always a challenge. Madonna is a celebrity enough for any music video. But with the nature of the song and the playfulness of it, we thought, ‘Let’s have some friends and family and go crazy with it!’ Everyone was spread out and their time is tight, but the good news is we all love Madonna and everyone wants to be involved. That made it really fun and playful.”

On Fighting Against Daylight
“On film shoots, you normally fight against losing daylight, but on this job we were fighting against the sun coming up. But you do see parts of it at the end, the sun on it’s way up.”

On Downtime on Set
“It was fun! That’s the only way to do it really. But it was technical. Everybody needed to be on their place and do their job. Everyone had cues and everyone was ready. And when we left the shoot, we thought, ‘If the video feels half as good as we feel, then it’s a homerun.’”

On Why He Loves Working With Madonna
“We’ve built trust between us through the years and she’s one of those people who really gets the best out of you. She wants to do something great. Every time we do videos, we want to change the world. A lot of artists don’t do that, but she does. She has that extra thing that makes her job worth it.”

Madonna with Jonas Ackerlund

Entertainment Weekly

“B*tch I’m Madonna” is the most shared song on Twitter

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“B*tch I’m Madonna” is now #1 on Billboard + Twitter Realtime chart for the last 24 hours!

Madonna #1 on Billboard


Watch: Bitch I’m Madonna Video


Finally on Youtube:

Listen: B*tch I’m Madonna (Flechette Remix)


Watch: Behind the Scenes of “B*tch I’m Madonna” Video


Madonna’s “B*tch I’m Madonna” video on Tidal

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Madonna’s latest video and Behind the Scenes clip are now available on Tidal. Click on the image bellow to watch it (Tidal members only).
Video will be available on YouTube tommorow.

Madonna in Bitch I'm Madonna Video

“B*tch I’m Madonna” 2nd Video Teaser


B*tches its coming Tomorrow!! Who do you think you are?? B*tchImMadonna Premiering Tuesday morning!!

Butches its coming Tomorrow!! Who do you think you are?? ???????????? BitchImMadonna Premiering Tuesday morning!! ????????????????

A video posted by Madonna (@madonna) on

Madonna’s Instagram: “B*tch I’m Madonna” Video Cast


Video coming soon! Just tryin to make it perfect for all of you … we are hard werking b*tches! #bitchimmadonna

Madonna's Bitch I'm Madonna video cast

Madonna via Instagram