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Photos: Rebel Heart Tour Book and Merchandise


Rebel Heart Tour Book and MerchandiseRebel Heart Tour Book and Merchandise read more →

Photo: Madonna’s Rebel Heart Tour Stage in Montreal


Madonna's Rebel Heart Tour Stage in Montreal read more →

Video: Madonna before the Rebel Heart Tour Opening Show


Madonna leaving her hotel in Montreal today

Madonna Rebel Heart Tour Tickets and Dates

Patrick Leonard on Madonna: “I’m proud of her for giving them hell all the time!”


Patrick Leonard can say he knew Madonna way back when — at least as “back when” as her first two tours, on which he served as the musical director. Approached to work with Madonna after directing The Jacksons’ 1984 Victory Tour, Leonard became one of her most trusted collaborators both in and out of the studio, co-writing and producing such hits as “Like a Prayer,” “Cherish” and “La Isla Bonita.” Three decades after 1985’s inaugural Virgin Tour and several self-reinventions later, Madonna is launching the Rebel Heart Tour in Montreal on Wednesday. The Huffington Post called up Leonard to reflect on the early days with pop’s biggest star.

Coming off a huge tour with established artists like The Jacksons, how did you view Madonna’s persona at the very start of her career?

She did not get in the way at all where she did not know what was going on. Where she didn’t know what was going on, she allowed it to be, and yet kept her own vision very much intact. And that’s tough for people to do. Most people need to control everything, and she did not need to control everything. That was one of the first things I noticed. She was a total pro. Like our relationship remained, it was always real open and real simple — you do what you do and I do what I do, and it’s good. She knew how to allow space for things that she didn’t understand.

Madonna is someone who experienced instant fame, but there’s no doubt that her stature escalated by the time the Who’s That Girl Tour launched in 1987. What had changed about her by then?

You know, “change” is a dangerous word. I never saw change. She remained the same. The work ethic remained the same. Where there were things she knew that she wanted, she demanded them at the highest level, as we all do. And from there to working on her documentary film about Malawi some years ago — and I think we did some things after that with a musical that was a potential — nothing changed. I’m not in touch with her very much, but my communication with her is not through the press. I don’t care what people say. I’ve seen her be exactly the same human being and consistent as can be. She’s present and generous about what’s real. Even as it got bigger and bigger, she remained consistent. She really did. read more →

More Madonna’s Rebel Heart Tour Costume Sketches

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Madonna rebel Heart Tour Costumes
Madonna rebel Heart Tour Costumes read more →

Madonna’s Instagram: Messiah on Rebel Heart Tour


I’ll light a candle here in the dark……….making my way to your heart! #rebelhearttour

Madonna to perform Messiah on Rebbel Heart Tour

I’ll cast a spell that you can’t undo..till you wake up and you find that you love me too. #rebelhearttour

Madonna to perform Messiah on Rebbel Heart Tour

Madonna via Instagram

Madonna’s Instagram: Iconic Tour Teaser #2

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R U in my Gang…………..❤️#rebelhearttour @stevenkleinstudio

A video posted by Madonna (@madonna) on

Madonna’s Rebel Heart Tour Costume Sketches revealed


The costume designer Arianne Phillips was in London in late February when she heard through the grapevine about a designer who was just beginning to get people’s attention: Alessandro Michele.

The 42-year-old Roman had just shown two collections in quick succession after his appointment as Gucci creative director and suddenly found himself the toast of the fashion world.

Meanwhile, Phillips, an in-demand costume designer for the movies, a veteran of Tom Ford’s “A Single Man” and an Academy Award nominee for “Walk the Line,” had just started preparing for her biggest project of the year: the months-long, all-consuming head trip known as a Madonna world tour.

In a nice bit of kismet, or a psychic connection, Michele himself was somewhere in Florence working, unprompted, on a gift for Madonna when Phillips reached out to Gucci to contribute costumes to the tour.

Madonna Rebel Heart Tour costume by Prada

“The energy was just out there,” Phillips says. read more →

Madonna’s Instagram: Marilyn Minter Tour Artwork and Chair


Rebel Mouth….. #rebelhearttour @marilynminter

Marilyn Minter Artwork for Madonna's Rebel Heart Tour

Rebel Eye………… #rebelhearttour

Marilyn Minter Artwork for Madonna's Rebel Heart Tour

Rebel Chair ……………… 1 more day!!!!! #b*tchareyouinmygang #rebelhearttour

Chair for Madonna's Rebel Heart Tour

Madonna via Instagram

Listen: Madonna rehearsing “La Vie en Rose” in Montreal

Madonna "Rebel Heart Tour"-rehearsal @ Centre Bell, Montreal 0...

In less than 48 hours #madonna will kick off her #rebelhearttour in #montreal. When we went by the venue monday evening we could hear her rehearsing a famous french chanson through the gates. If you want to know which one, listen below. *spoiler* #rebelheart #madonnaspoiler #rebelheartspoiler #spoiler #centrebell #bellcentre #rebelheartmontreal #livingforlove #ghosttown #giggoer #giggoers

Posted by Giggoers on Monday, September 7, 2015

Video: Madonna‬ leaving her Hotel in ‪Montreal (September 07 2015)

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Photo: Rebel Heart Tour Stage in Montreal


Madonna's Rebel Heart Tour Stage in Montreal

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