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Madonna’s Instagram: Rescue Nepal!

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Rescue Nepal! Send love and support to the victims of the earthquake in Nepal. Join me by giving to @MercyCorps to help provide critical emergency Aid to the survivors! <3 #livingforlove

Madonna calls for Nepal support

Madonna via Instagram

Madonna’s Instagram: Gym Time


Fit friday Bishes @phatbuddhawear #unapolgetiicsweat

Madonna in Gym

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Madonna’s Instagram: Shakespeare


“Loneliness is young Ambitions ladder” w.Shakespeare <3 #rebelheart

Madonna quoting Shakespear on Instagram

Madonna via Instagram

Madonna Rebel Heart Tour Tickets and Dates

Tori Amos on Madonna


There seems to be a vilification of older women – Madonna took a lot of flak when she fell at the Brits.

Let me ask you: was there a lot of meanness about her?

There were a lot of unpleasant comments on Twitter.

Madonna is an entertainer. There are very few people who could’ve gotten up off that floor. It wasn’t because of her that she fell, but it was because of her that the performance carried on. Some of the vilification comes from women as much as men. She’s making choices and she’s able to do things physically that a lot of people 25 years younger can’t; she got up and refused to allow that to shame her. I think people want her to be shamed into a role that they find acceptable for her age. It makes me sad that we can’t embrace Madonna and say, Wow, this is an artist who’s expressing herself in a certain way.

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Ask Anything with Madonna


Madonna will be sitting down to answer your questions! Get registered and submit your questions now for this exclusive event.

Don’t forget to visit on Saturday May 2nd, 2015 at 8pm EST to see if your questions get answered!

Ask Anything

Madonna’s Instagram: Je t’aime moi non plus


Its true! I deserve better! Je t’aime moi non plus! <3 #rebelheart

Madonna on Instagram

He sent me roses begging my forgiveness. I said I’d think about it. These guys.

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Madonna’s Representative Denies She Was Texting During Stage Show

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The pop superstar was in the audience for a performance of the musical in New York City on Saturday (18Apr15), when she was reportedly called out by star/writer Lin-Manuel Miranda as he hosted a charity auction at the end of the show.

Taking to to blast an unnamed, famous audience member following the show, he wrote, “Tonight was the first time I asked stage management NOT to allow a celebrity (who was texting all through Act 2) backstage #noselfieforyou.”

The message was later deleted, but editors at the New York Daily News reported that Miranda was referring to Madonna.

However, Liz Rosenberg is now clearing up the reports, saying, “It’s not true. She was invited backstage four different times. She texted post show when they were doing their fundraising pitch. Madonna had already made a generous donation.”

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Madonna is given ‘backstage ban’ after tweeting during stage show


Madonna has been slapped with a backstage ban due to her lack of theatre etiquette, according to reports.

The Queen of Pop had attended the evening performance of Lin-Manuel Miranda’s acclaimed off-Broadway musical Hamilton, but was not invited to meet the cast afterwards because she kept using her phone during the show, reported

Lin-Manuel tweeted a post, which was later deleted: “Tonight was the first time I asked stage management NOT to allow a celebrity (who was texting all through Act 2) backstage. #noselfieforyou.”

A source told that the singer arrived late to the performance at The Public Theatre’s Newman Theatre, and was seen using her phone throughout the first and second acts.

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