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Sunday Selfie with my dawgs #rebelhearts

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Madonna at the American Dance Festival in 1978


Her name is Madonna Ciccone, and her face matches her name.

Round eyes, arched eyebrows, finely drawn mouth – Da Vinci would have loved it. It is a theatrical face, a dancer’s face. And she has a dancer’s body – thin as a blade, lithe and agile. Doll-like, she looks as if she’d snap in a strong wind.

She wouldn’t. …

Countless times over the years, critics, pundits and reporters have written some variation on that to describe Madonna, the iconic pop starlet. But the story containing this passage is different, because it dates back to a time when nobody knew who Madonna was.

Madonna with Perl lang in 1978

It’s the beginning of a Charlotte Observer story from July 1978, about the American Dance Festival’s first year at Duke University in Durham. And it might be the first notice from the press that Madonna received.

Observer staff writer Richard Maschal quoted Madonna, then 19 years old, describing the rigors of ADF as “pretty draining and demanding.” And he called her “what the American Dance Festival is about.”

Seven years later, after 1984’s “Like a Virgin” and 1985’s “Desperately Seeking Susan” established Madonna as a huge star and the it-girl of that moment, Maschal wrote a followup column about his earlier impressions of her. He noted her beauty, aura and precocious self-assurance – and also that she resembled a literal Renaissance madonna.

“I really did think she looked like a madonna and so was amazed when I asked her name and she gave it,” Maschal said recently via email. “I also found her one of the most self-absorbed persons I had ever met.”

That self-absorption also manifested as confidence, which would stand Madonna in good stead as she pursued her career. One of her 1978 ADF classmates was Eric Tyrone Smith, who later shared a West Village apartment with Madonna in New York City. In a 2007 email, he recounted a salient memory of Madonna’s evolution from dancer to singer:

She came back to the apartment one day bragging that she had just been out in Washington Sq. park singing with some black guys and that they had told her she could sing. I told her she couldn’t believe everything she was told and of course the rest is history!

Little else remains of Madonna’s long-ago time as a dance student in Durham. Her primary teachers there, Pearl Lang and Pauline Koner, are both deceased. And while ADF still has her application and school records on file, the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) means they will remain private unless Madonna herself chooses to release them.

That’s doubtful, so mostly we have Maschal’s witness-bearing account. He admits he did not come away impressed, with little inkling of just how big a star she would become. Maschal’s 1985 story about Madonna concluded by asking about the 26-year-old singer, “Can you picture Madonna at 40?”

Now 56, in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and still topping charts and touring arenas, Madonna seems to have done all right for herself.

Charlotte Observer

Madonna backs “The Speed Sisters”


The Speed Sisters are the first ever all-woman racing team in the Middle East – and now a documentary charting their success (backed by Madonna) is hitting the big screen

Directed by Amber Fares, the documentary has been in the works for over five years – but suffered huge delays due to a lack of funding and mobility – not to mention being shot at by Israeli soldiers. But after Madonna spotted the trailer online in 2013, and donated $10,000 to help finance its release, production finally kicked off.

“I heard about the races and saw that there were some women racing,” recalls Amber. “I think, for me, like anyone else, the idea of there being speed tests in the West Bank was kind of a cool thing anyway and then there was the fact that there were women competing against men – and that sort of blew me away. It’s one of those stories that is so shocking because it is so unusual.”

Watch Speed Sisters make its European Premiere at Sheffield Documentary Festival on June 8th / 9th

Madonna supports Speed Sisters movie

Marie Claire

Avicii is not happy with Madonna’s “Rebel Heart”


“At the beginning we were all on the same page and then…I wasn’t….happy with the final product.”

He also commented on the leaked Demo Version of “Rebel Heart”: “I thought it was better. It was more me.”

Madonna with Avicii

Daily Star

*UPDATE* Avicci responded to this Interview via Instagram:

“Or maybe your sh*tty interviewers ruined what could have been a good interview :) @dailystar”

Avicii on Madonna controversy

*2nd UPDATE* Daily Star have changed the title of their original article and uploaded the audio of conversation with Avicii:

Madonna’s First Album gets BPI’s Silver Certification


The famous Platinum, Gold and Silver certifications awarded by the BPI in recognition of sales milestones will include audio streaming data from this week.

The first albums to benefit from the incorporation of streaming include Madonna’s 1983 eponymous debut, which today is awarded Silver for combined sales of over 60,000, Placebo’s Once More With Feelings (Platinum, sales over 300,000) and Bombay Bicycle Club’s So Long, See You Tomorrow (Gold, sales over 100,000).

Singles certifications in the UK have included streaming plays since July 2014. Both adopt the same approach and criteria that the Official Charts are use to calculate how streams contribute to an single or album’s sales performance.

Official Charts

“B*tch I’m Madonna” EP Tracklisting and Video Premiere Date


“B*tch I’m Madonna” Remix EP / 00602547440891
Release Date: June 16
1. Fedde Le Grand Remix 3:56
2. Rosabel’s Bitch Move Mix 7:06
3. Sander Kleinenberg Remix 5:00
4. Junior Sanchez Remix 5:10
5. Oscar G 305 Dub 8:44
6. Sick Individuals Remix 5:08
7. Dirty Pop Remix 5:11
8. Flechette Remix 3:26
9. Oscar G Bitch Beats 8:44
10. Rosabel’s Bitch Move Dub 7:35

Video will premiere on TIDAL on June 15th, and on June 16th on MadonnaVEVO YouTube channel!


Disclosure on Madonna collaboration: ‘We didn’t get our hopes up’


Rumours began last year that the British dance duo were working with the pop star after Madonna posted a picture of herself with the pair backstage at the Governors Ball festival in New York during June 2014. While Disclosure denied that they were producing Madonna’s next album (‘Rebel Heart’, which was released in March), they didn’t at the time rule out a potential collaboration with the singer in the future.

Now, speaking to NME in this week’s issue, the electronic duo explained that they “did discuss maybe working together” but “[we] never really got our hopes up”.

“We never really had any indication that we were going to be working together,” Howard Lawrence said. “We met her and hung out and she’s a lovely person and she’s a fan – and I mean, who’s not a fan of Madonna? We did discuss maybe working together one day but we never tried to put dates in or anything like that. But I wouldn’t say we were disappointed because we never really got our hopes up.”

Madonna with Disclosure


Listen: First Official Remixes of “B*tch I’m Madonna”


B*tch I’m Madonna (Rosabel’s Bitch Move Mix)

B*tch I’m Madonna (Sander Kleinenberg Club Mix)

B*tch I’m Madonna (Rosabel’s Bitch Move Dub)

B*tch I’m Madonna (OSCAR G BITCH BEATS)

B*tch I’m Madonna (OSCAR G 305 DUB)

“B*tch I’m Madonna” Single Cover revealed


Madonna's B*tch I'm Madonna Single cover

Scans: Madonna in Forbes Magazine


June 15 2015 Issue

Madonna in Forbes