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Laura Pausini – The reasons Madonna gave me her song

Italian singer Laura Pausini admitted she feels very satisfied to have recorded a song written by Queen of Pop Madonna about spirituality, that is included on her forthcoming album Resta in Ascolto/Escucha Atento.
“Madonna wanted to give one of her compositions to a person that usually doesn’t sing in English and the fact that I’m Italian like her and that I sing in Spanish like she also does, in a language she adores… I think that’s what has bonded us together in music”, Pausini told yesterday a South American newspaper.
The song Pausini recorded is called Mi abbandono a te/Me abandono a ti and features some changes to the original Madonna song. Changes made by the Italian singer herself that were submitted to the Queen of Pop by e-mail as the two didn’t have the time to meet in person yet.
Laura’s new album also includes a song dedicated to the story of the Ali Smain, the Iraqui kid that lost both parents and both his arms after when a bomb was dropped on his house in Bagdad. “I would like that people would go on the internet and read his story”, said Pausini. “Some many things happened to this child and my songs talks about a kid, a soldier and an eagle.”
Mi abbandono a te/Me abandono a ti, a song produced by Rick Nowels is rumoured to be a new version of the famous (among Madonna diehard fans) song Like a Flower, that leaked on the internet a year ago in a demo version beautifully sung by Madonna herself in 1998, during the sessions of the Ray of Light album.
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Studying on the quiet

In the quest to find our inner selves, Kabbalah has become the buzz word for celebrity spiritual sampling, with Madonna its megawatt champion.
It has made the once obscure ancient mystical Jewish teaching for spiritual enlightenment a household word around the world, in what one publication called a “celebrity Kabbalah cult”.
But when the lapsed Material Girl made her tour of Israel last week in her new spiritual alter ego of Esther, the news reports hit home with Ben Ketang here in Jakarta.
“I have been living and breathing Kabbalah since 2002,” Ben said, not without pride. “It has done so much for me personally.”
Ben, who worked as a media and public opinion analyst for one of the presidential teams and is part of the Indonesia-Israel Cooperative Association (IICA) for business ties, said the spiritual tool provided him with a sense of direction in his life.
“I am now quite in control of myself. I am at peace with myself. It takes something to control oneself.”
Some critics have dismissed Kabbalah as a cult, with unscrupulous practitioners making a buck off lost souls searching for themselves.
Ben countered that in its teaching that the individual must overcome egoism and the yearnings of self, Kabbalah shows how to put a clamp on one’s thoughts.
“We have to eliminate all negative thinking, even if it concerns your enemy,” Ben said. “It is very hard not to think badly about people whom you know think (badly) about you. But, the main ingredient of the teaching is sharing. There are many things to share, which does not necessarily mean sharing on a financial level.”
It can take the form of sharing a good idea, or listening to someone’s complaints, for instance. Kabbalah is Hebrew for “to receive” and people are “vessels” to receive blessings, happiness and sustenance.
The ancient spiritual tool, which started about 2,000 years ago, became better known in Indonesia through former Israeli prime minister Shimon Peres, a friend of former president Abdurrahman “Gus Dur” Wahid.
Ben said Peres sent several hundred copies of the Zohar, widely considered the most important work for the study of Kabbalah, for donation to whoever might be interested in learning more.
“That is when my interest in Kabbalah started,” Ben said. “It is not only practiced by the Jews, other Arabian countries also delved in this spiritual technology thousands of years ago.”
Kabbalists claim the spiritual tool can be used as a supplement to greater enlightenment for those from any religion.
They also say that it is a very powerful tool with mystical overtones (thus, each word of the Scriptures is believed to contain its own power). The word impossible does not exist in a practitioner’s dictionary; failures or difficulties are regarded as illusions; they are not real. Real is the Light of the Creator.
With its ties to Judaism and Israel, however, many Indonesians may be wary of Kabbalah’s mission.
Although Gus Dur, who is an international board member of the Shimon Peres Center for Peace, urged the opening of greater ties with Israel during his presidency, the need for presidential candidate (and likely winner) Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono to declare that he would not establish diplomatic relations with Israel during the campaign shows the continuing sensitivity on the subject among Muslims.
Ben said his personal hope was for the establishment of an Israeli embassy in Jakarta, to allow greater exploration of Kabbalah, but he realized it was not a possibility today.
“At the moment, we still don’t have enough members,” said Ben, who has visited Kabbalah centers in Israel. “Pakistan is advancing much better than us. They have had a study center since a couple of months ago. I’d like to set up a center here, too, to give those who are interested the opportunity to learn Kabbalah. It would be a branch of The Kabbalah Center in the USA.”
The center has more than 50 study centers spread around the globe and more than three million members worldwide, said Allan Harari, an American expatriate in the flour milling business who has studied Kabbalah for seven years.
In a bid to introduce the teachings to more people in the country, Harari organized a presentation on a recent Sunday. About 20 people showed up to listen to what benefits they could expect if they studied Kabbalah. The teaching promises protection, happiness, prosperity and well being, if you do not let your ego get the better of you, Harari said.
It is by no means an easy study. It boils down to correcting oneself most of the time, and students should expect to turn around their way of thinking order to tame their egos. The belief is that problems and chaos are mainly due to ego.
A recent practitioner of Kabbalah is Jeffrey Mogot. Out of work and suffering badly from asthma, he started to scan the “healing” word provided in a book named 72 Names Of God.
The healing words are in Aramaic print. Kabbalah claims that the letters radiate a healing force that will cure illness or make a person’s wishes come true.
Jeffrey said that the daily practice was of great help. His condition changed within a couple of weeks; coughing practically stopped altogether, the wheezing has also disappeared and he felt more energetic.
“It really is a blessing since I don’t have the means to get regular treatment at some expensive hospital or clinic,” he said.
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Madonna featured in Live@Roxy 4

Producer, remixer, and DJ extraordinaire Rauhofer releases his fourth volume of the wildly popular “Live @ Roxy” series straight from his residency at NYC’s club Roxy. This specially priced double CD contains rare new exclusive remixes as well as Peter’s own signature mixes of Madonna, David Morales, and others.
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Madonna is not going to study English in Oxford

Pop diva Madonna has rubbished rumours that she has enrolled at Britain’s prestigious Oxford University to study English Literature.
It was earlier rumoured that the ‘Frozen’ star had signed up for a distance learning programme over the Internet, but an Oxford University spokesman revealed that they don’t provide online degree courses.
“We don’t actually do online degree courses, so there can’t be any truth in this,” rate the music quoted the spokesman as saying.
Madonna’s agent, meanwhile, said, “As far as I know, this is rubbish.”
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Madonna’s clothing regret

Pop superstar Madonna has one regret about her new clothing line the English Roses Collection – she’s too old to wear it.
The Material Girl recently launched the line, based on her children’s books, and the mother-of-two says she’d love to be able to wear some of the items herself.
She says, “I wish I was eight years old again and could fit into an English Roses outfit. I have tried to squeeze into one of my daughter’s shirts and I looked ridiculous. No fair!”
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No Re-Invention of this tour

Despite many rumours in the press, the Re-Invention tour will not be extended to any other venues or countries. Madonna’s manager Caresse Henry has confirmed that there will be no extension to the tour.
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Gwen Stefani influenced by Madonna

For her solo debut, Love, Angel, Music, Baby, out November 23rd, No Doubt frontwoman Gwen Stefani cast her net wide, seizing the opportunity to work with a vast array of artists.
“The whole idea was to collaborate,” says Stefani. “To do a solo record means trying to pour my heart out, which I feel like I already do in No Doubt. This is more of an art project. I wanted to play different roles and work with a ton of people.”
Expect hip-hop beats from Dr. Dre and the Neptunes, as well as OutKast’s Andre 3000. Dallas Austin (Pink, TLC) and Nellee Hooper (Massive Attack, Soul II Soul) give some tracks a dance feel, and the album’s New Wave sound comes by way of Depeche Mode’s Martin Gore, ex-Eurythmics Dave Stewart and New Order.
“I knew exactly what my influences were — Club Nouveau, Lisa Lisa, Prince, New Order, the Cure, early Madonna,” says Stefani. “Everybody was under strict instructions.”
The album’s first single, “What You Waiting For?,” is set to hit airwaves this month. And Stefani will make her Hollywood debut in December, when she plays Jean Harlow alongside Leonardo DiCaprio in Martin Scorsese’s Howard Hughes biopic The Aviator.
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Madonna To Add Extra London Tour Dates ?

Madonna enjoyed playing at London’s Earls Court so much last month (August), she wants to return later this year for another three dates.
The Vogue superstar – who made $1.8 million for each concert she performed at the venue – was overwhelmed by the warm response she received in the capital, and hopes to treat British fans to some more shows next month (October).
A source says, “It’s still in the planning stages, but Madonna can’t wait to go back to Earl’s Court.”
“She’s hoping the shows will take place next month, we’re just waiting to get confirmation.”
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Madonna’s university challenge

There are a few challenges left for Madonna, and a university degree is one of them.
Having pretty much conquered the world of pop, Madge is now set to read Literature at Oxford University.
The Material Girl is to further her knowledge of British literary greats such as Shakespeare, Thomas Hardy and Jane Austen, by studying for a Bachelor of Arts.
But undergraduates should not get too excited about sharing halls of residence with her, she will be doing the course from home.
A source says Madonna was always frustrated about having to sacrifice her education when her music career took off.
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WIFLFAG on a new compilation

Madonna’s song – What it feels like for a girl, remixed by Stephane Pompougnac is featured on his new compilation – Best Of Costes.

Best Of Costes


Madonna’s honeymoon invite

Despite the ‘are they or aren’t they married’ Britney Spears debate, Madonna has invited the happy couple to the UK for their honeymoon.
How sweet.
Why not come and play at my Wiltshire country estate and we can teach that young Kevin of yours how to eat with a knife and fork?
Or shoot birds?
Either way, we’ll have to sort out his wardrobe.
According to reports, Madge sent the couple a Kabbalah text as an engagement present.
Er, we’re not sure if it was a text message along the lines of, “You idiot! Hope you know what you’re doing?”, or an old Kabbalah text book.
Either way, Spears loved it.
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