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Robbie Williams talks about Madonna and “She’s Madonna”


from The Sun : She’s Madonna is the talking track of the album. Written by Robbie and his pals Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe, it’s got the signature chiming electro sound of the Pet Shop Boys all over, with witty lyrics about Guy Ritchie dumping ex Tania Strecker (also an ex of Robbie’s) for Madge.
Robbie explains: “I sent the track to Madonna and she really liked it. I also sent her Rudebox and she didn’t really like it. You could say that the track is a bit stalkerish. She wanted to know what it was about. I lied.
“She said, “~Is it the futility of being in love with Madonna? Is it the futility of being in a relationship with Madonna? Do you like Madonna in the track?’ It’s quite a day sending a song to Madonna about her. She’d heard I’d done it.”?
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NBC won’t show Madonna on the cross


Under pressure from Christian conservative groups accusing pop star Madonna of sacrilege, a U.S. television network said on Thursday it removed footage of the singer performing while suspended on a giant cross from her upcoming prime-time concert special.
Madonna had insisted that the mock crucifixion, a centerpiece of her “Confessions” world tour staged while she performed the hit song “Live to Tell,” be included in the two-hour special set to air on NBC on November 22.
But socially conservative organizations organized a campaign urging NBC affiliate stations to refuse to carry the special if the crucifix stunt remained in the show.
After weeks of uncertainty, the network said it decided it would not show the opening portion of the “Live to Tell” performance in which she sings suspended from a giant mirrored cross while wearing a crown of thorns.
Instead, cameras will cut away to other shots while Madonna is on the cross, then cut back to the singer when she steps down to finish the song.
“You hear the song, but you’re not seeing her on the cross,” one network source told Reuters. The special was filmed during her performance at Wembley Stadium in London.
Madonna’s New York-based spokeswoman, Liz Rosenberg, said the 48-year-old entertainer, an executive producer of the special, ultimately acquiesced to the revision of the broadcast, but suggested the singer was not happy about it.
“She wanted it in, and they wanted it out,” Rosenberg, a Warner Bros. Records executive, told Reuters. “You won’t see Madonna on a crucifix. That element of the song is no longer in the show. How they came to that conclusion I really don’t know.”
Madonna’s use of the cross in her concerts drew protests from the Roman Catholic Church and Russian Orthodox Church during her performances in Rome and Moscow, where leaders of the clergy condemned the act as blasphemy.
Madonna issued a statement last month insisting her act was “neither anti-Christian, sacrilegious or blasphemous. Rather it is a plea to the audience to encourage mankind to help one another and to see the world as a unified whole.
“I believe if Jesus were alive today, he would be doing the same thing,” she said, adding that her specific intent was to bring attention to the extreme poverty in Africa.
Madonna has been making headlines with her efforts to adopt a motherless year-old boy from Malawi.
The controversy over Madonna’s mock crucifixion is not the first time the Material Girl has drawn the ire of religious groups for her use of Christian imagery. In 1989, the video for her hit song “Like a Prayer” featured the scantily clad singer cavorting in front of burning crosses and statues crying blood.
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Madonna on Billboard Charts – 10282006


Top Electronic Albums :
08 (08) Madonna – Confessions On A Dance Floor

Hot 100 Singles Sales :
18 (28) Madonna – Get Together
30 (40) Madonna – Sorry
41 (49) Madonna – Hung Up

Hot Adult Contemporary Tracks
25 (27) Madonna – Jump

Hot Dance Music/Club Play
10 (20) Madonna – Jump

Dance Radio Airplay :
06 (20) Madonna – Jump

Hot Dance Singles Sales :
03 (06) Madonna – Get Together
09 (09) Madonna – Sorry
11 (10) Madonna – Hung Up

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Madonna stunned over adoption outcry


Pop diva Madonna has admitted to being stunned by the outcry over her adoption of a Malawian baby boy.
The 48-year-old US singer who has had a knack of ruffling feathers throughout her career told People magazine she had not expected the level of criticism levelled at her since the adoption.
“I expect to be given a hard time about many of the things I do,” Madonna told the celebrity news magazine in an interview to be published tomorrow.
“I know they are provocative and I prepare myself, but I did not expect the media, the government or any human rights organisations to take a stand against me trying to save a child’s life.”
Madonna was granted an interim order to adopt David Banda, a poor farmer’s son, by a high court in Malawi last week.
But the Human Rights Consultative Committee, an umbrella grouping of 67 local rights groups in Malawi, went to court on Tuesday to challenge the order allowing Madonna to adopt the boy.
Under Malawi laws, expatriates adopting a child have to live in the country for 18 months and are monitored by social workers before they get full adoption rights.
Madonna has also faced opposition from charities which say she could use her wealth more effectively, such as helping African parents fight AIDS and keeping orphaned children in their home communities.
Madonna insists the adoption was legal, saying she and her British filmmaker husband Guy Ritchie had begun the process several months ago and acted “according to the law like anyone else who adopts a child”.
And the baby’s father Yohane Banda has blasted Madonna’s critics.
“Where were these people when David was struggling in the orphanage?” he told British media.
“These so-called human rights groups should leave my baby alone.”
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Madonna gives baby Davie Ritchie name


Malawian baby David will keep his full surname Banda Mwale as his middle names, and will also take his new mother’s maiden name Ciccone as a third middle name.
Madonna, 48, made the decision out of respect for David’s family heritage, but also to welcome into her own family.
Yesterday (18.10.06) David’s father Yohane returned to his work spraying potato crops, for which he earns 54 pence a day.
Speaking from crop fields in blistering temperatures, Yohane said: “I’m not really missing David because we have agreed with Madonna that he will visit us here in three or four years time.
“I am not asking for anything from Madonna, but when David grows up and is brought here and sees our poverty, he will certainly ask his mum to help.” David’s father took the 13-month-old baby to an orphanage after his mother died and he could no longer afford to look after him properly.
While Madonna attended the gym yesterday she sent an assistant to buy clothes for David and demanded video footage be sent to her mobile phone so she could approve the outfits.
The singer and her director husband Guy already have a son together, six-year-old Rocco, and Madonna has a ten-year-old daughter Lourdes from her relationship with personal trainer Carlos Leon.
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Father of Madonna’s would-be son angry with adoption protests


While some child protection groups are up in arms over the way Madonna is trying to adopt an African child, the boy’s father says they ought to butt out.
The groups are going to court in Malawi, saying they want to make sure child-protection laws aren’t being ignored because the singer is setting up an orphanage. She also wants to raise millions for AIDS orphans.
But the father says he wants his son to have “a bright future” rather than live in poverty. He accuses the activists of being “jealous” of the boy, and tells The Associated Press he’d like to know what their interest is.
The one-year-old boy Madonna picked is now in London, where she has a home. The child was taken there by members of Madonna’s entourage, but the singer’s spokeswoman says all legal requirements have been followed.
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An Open Letter From Madonna


My husband and I began the adoption process many months prior to our trip to Malawi. I did not wish to disclose my intentions to the world prior to the adoption happening as this is a private family matter. After learning that there were over one million orphans in Malawi, it was my wish to open up our home and help one child escape an extreme life of hardship, poverty and in many cases death, as well as expand out family.
Nevertheless, we have gone about the adoption procedure according to the law like anyone else who adopts a child. Reports to the contrary are totally inaccurate. The procedure includes an l8 month evaluation period after which time we hope to make this adoption permanent. This was not a decision or commitment that my family or I take lightly.
I am overwhelmed and inspired by my trip to Malawi and hope that it helps bring attention to how much more the world needs to do to help the children of Africa.
My heartfelt thanks for all the good wishes I have received and I hope the press will allow my family some room for us to experience the joy we feel to have David home.

Madonna Ritchie
October 17, 2006
London, England

source : nbc

Court agrees to hear case against Madonna adoption


A Malawian court agreed on Tuesday to hear arguments by a coalition of local rights groups seeking to block “Queen of Pop” Madonna’s fast-track adoption of a 13-month boy from the poor African country.
“The court wants to hear our locus standi and why we should be appointed guardians of the child and act in his interest,” Justin Dzodzi, chairperson of the Human Rights Consultative Committee, said.
The committee, grouping 67 rights groups, petitioned the high court in the administrative capital Lilongwe, seeking to have its “concerns” heard.
Dzodzi said the group had investigated and established “enough reasons to fight for safeguards in the interim order to ensure that the child is protected as Madonna has no parental rights”.
He said the child’s father, a 32-year-old illiterate poor farmer, and his relatives believed that the boy had been taken for “custody and not adoption”.
“We want Madonna to stay here for 18 months and acquire residency as stipulated in the country’s adoption laws … The court cannot revoke the order if she stays in Los Angeles with the baby,” Dzodzi said.
The group’s lawyers are likely to argue in the hearing on Friday that Malawian authorities had breached their own regulations by allowing David to leave the country and link up with the Britain- and United States-based Madonna in London.
Madonna was granted an interim order to adopt the child by the High Court last Thursday after spending a week in the Southern African country to assess Aids projects she had funded.
Under Malawian law, expatriates adopting a child usually have to live in the country for 18 months and are monitored by social workers before they get full adoption rights.
source : afp