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Christopher Ciccone talks about Madonna’s marriage


As she puts the finishing touches to her upcoming world tour, Madonna Louise Ciccone is – as usual – making sure she gets exactly what she wants.
Now 47, the Queen of Pop has the body of a woman half her age, global adoration and enough money to buy her own country, so it’s no surprise that she is used to calling the shots.
She can get the Los Angeles Police Department to seal off streets, make hairdressers drop all other celebrity clients at a moment’s notice, and have the odd half of bitter flown over to California whenever she fancies it.
But there is one area of life that all-powerful Madonna just can’t control – her marriage to British film director Guy Ritchie.
Rumours of fierce rows indicating that their five-year marriage was on the rocks were compounded last month when her father-in-law, John Ritchie, said they were only staying together for the sake of the children – Lourdes, nine, and Rocco, five.
Now Madonna’s brother, 46-year-old Christopher Ciccone, adds more fuel to the fire in an exclusive interview with the Mirror.
Talking about the pressure that must come with being married to his famous sister, Christopher says: “You can’t really prepare yourself for it. I mean, I don’t know how a person prepares himself for that.
“I was there from the beginning so it was no big surprise for me. But if you’re not around for the evolution of it, for what it becomes and how intense it can get, it can be surprising. It just takes getting used to – it’s as simple as that.”
Christopher, who designed the sets for her Blond Ambition and Girlie Show tours, knows how tough it is to be viewed as “Mr Madonna”. He also has first-hand experience of how the strain of living with her remarkable fame can harm those closest to her.
He was horrified when she accidentally “outed” him in an interview. Although they have since made it up, he has refused to work so closely with her again.
“I would say Guy has managed to cope,” adds Christopher. “They’re still together. He’s famous himself on a different level and in a different field.”

It is no secret that the Ritchies’ marriage has been stormy from the start.
Madonna herself has said: “There is a lot of fire. When I first met him I couldn’t believe I had met someone as strong-willed as I was.
“Guy has a very forceful personality with very specific likes and dislikes. He doesn’t back down one iota if it’s something we disagree on.”
Guy, 37, is clearly not one to sit around in the shadow of his far more successful wife. But as his own career has stalled since his last hit movie, Snatch, that is increasingly what he finds himself doing.
The first indication that all was not well came earlier this year. The Mirror revealed how Madonna’s close working relationship with record producer Stuart Price had opened up cracks in her marriage.
She was spending an increasing amount of time with 26-year-old Price, who masterminded her disco album Confessions On A Dancefloor.
A week later, she and Guy tried to stage a show of unity when they attended the Brits, but their stilted body language spoke volumes.
The couple spent just 30 minutes at the event in London’s Earls Court. Embarrassingly, when Madonna stood to collect her award, Guy went to kiss her – and missed.
A month later, they relocated to Los Angeles in preparation for Madonna’s world tour, where they were pictured leaving a Kabbalah centre looking sullen and miserable.
Madonna has even felt forced to put on a show of marital solidarity at rehearsals.
Just last week, the Mirror can reveal, she ordered her dancers to “call me Mrs R”. Embarrassingly, few have obliged.
While Madonna currently puts in long days perfecting her routines – determined to appeal to a new “cooler” and younger audience while still retaining the loyal fans from her 80s heyday – Guy has been left hanging about, feeling bored and resentful.
A source in LA reveals: “Madonna is pushing herself to the limit on this tour. It gets harder and harder every year to stay at the top and she won’t let herself slip, whatever it takes. But the downside is that everything is just revolving around her work. When Madonna focuses on her music, her marriage starts to slip.
“Guy is just hanging out with the kids, doing his own thing. He does turn up now and then to see her, but he’s not at her beck and call.

Often she’ll want Guy to watch something or comment on a new look, but he doesn’t even bother to show.
“She’s got control over absolutely everything on this tour – from what the roadies eat to what power wattage we use.
“But she doesn’t have the control over her husband that she wants.”
Even so, retired advertising boss John Ritchie is optimistic that being in LA will help his son and daughterin – law sort out their differences.
He says: “It’s easier out there because there is less pressure. They seem to have left the bumps they were having in Britain behind them. You can never know that things will work, but they do seem to be fitting into each other more.
“They have put everything behind them and gone to LA to enjoy themselves. They’re able to go home at night and be together.
“They both want to see the children. It’s the children that will keep them together. The children are everything to them.”
Yet Guy has ruled out a permanent move to LA, fearing that he would be swallowed up by his wife’s fame.
One source says: “Guy has insisted right from the outset that they keep their main base in England. It is his home country and it is one of the few things he has over her.
“She’s no fool. She knows how important this is to him and she’s been prepared to make the sacrifice because moving to LA full-time would be the death knell for him.
“He needs to be in Britain with his circle of friends. He likes the pub, he likes hunting, shooting, fishing and being in the countryside. Guy just couldn’t survive for long in Los Angeles.” Guy is not the only one in Madonna’s inner sanctum who is no longer enthralled by every little detail of her career.
Christopher Ciccone admits: “I don’t listen to my sister’s music really. I’ve just heard it too much.
“There are certain songs that I really like, such as Like A Prayer, and the Erotica album was a great record – probably her best, in my opinion. Confessions is a more joyful, a little happier – like she’s lightened up a bit.”

Through Madonna, Christopher was drawn into the Kabbalah religion, but he has since become disenchanted with the faith – a mystical branch of Judaism.
He says: “She took me to her house and all of the teachers were there and I just listened.
“There are some really good things in it. You have to take it and make it your own, the same as being a Catholic, make it whatever works. But anything that’s organised can become very cultish. It got that way for me, so for a long time I sort of stopped.
“With all the celebrities involved, it takes something that’s actually kind of cool and really useful and makes it appear foolish, stupid and faddish — and it’s not.
“But when you read about Britney Spears investigating it, it becomes so…”
Surprisingly, their father Tony – a devout Catholic – didn’t turn a hair when told about Madonna’s obsession with Kabbalah. But then it seems he gave up battling his strong-willed daughter a long time ago.
Christopher says: “I think my father did what only the father of Madonna could do and that’s just let it slide off and carry on. It could make a person crazy, but he just makes his wine and he’s a happy guy.”
There’s a lesson there for Guy, if he wants his marriage to survive.

source: mirror

Interview with tour choreographers Tony & Richmond

Comments Hi Talauega Brothers! You are the first interviews of the new confessionstour website. On behalf of all Madonna fans we welcome you and thank you! You are new to the Madonna team and we can’t wait to get to know you. When did you first start dancing? What was your first choreography job?
Richmond: Well in general I first started dancing when I was really young, about 8 or 9 years of age. I use to watch my older bros. and tone and I would mimic them. But as years passed I took it more serious. When I got into high school I helped form a dance group (Housin’ Authority) back in my hometown of Richmond ,CA. We did shows locally and made a name for ourselves. But my first professional dance gig was for Tevin Campbell. I was 16 at the time.
Tony: Our first choreography job was for TLC for the 1996 Grammy awards

Confessions Tour – click to enlarge Madonna has always been known for her dance music and for her dance moves. When was the first time you heard a Madonna song? Have you ever danced to one of her songs before? Was it in a club or on a job?
Richmond: The first time I heard a Madonna song was on Friday night videos back in the day. Back then cable wasn’t so common as it is now. So I would stay up every friday night to watch videos.
Tony: Yes, I definitely dance to madonna songs especially in the clubs when they play my favorites like LUCKY STAR OR HOLIDAY!!!!!!!

As your stage name states, you are brothers. Which one of you is older? What is your experience like when you choreograph a dance together? Do you always agree on what is best?
Richmond: The oldest is me
Tony: The experience when we choreograph a dance together is a chaotic, involuntary one. What I mean by that is we both to a certain degree almost think alike so we would already know what the other is thinking about. But sometimes the choice of movement could make a situation difficult.
Richmond Although we can go through disagreements at the end of the day, we would always agree what is best. That happens natural with time.

We can only assume that working with Madonna is working with the best in the business. It is rarely someone’s first experience, but more something you have to work towards. What challenge did you have that best prepared you to work with Madonna? Did you have a job in the past that is comparable to this current job?
Tony: What challenge that best prepared me to work for Madonna was probably working for Michael Jackson. There is a very high level of work ethic and professionalism you have to attain when you work for persons/people of this calibur. I think I was a quick learner when it came to work ethic, etc. You got to be when you’re around people like that. I didn’t have no job that was comparable to this one. Every job I do is different from the next. But this one is definitely the big leagues.

All of Madonna’s fans are dying to know how the rehearsal process is going. We can only speculate what to expect, but still we are always surprised. How has the rehearsal process been so far? Do you think that Madonna fans are going to be surprised again? Can you give out even one small detail about the show?
Richmond: The rehearsal process has been a rough one. It’s not easy to choreograph a LEGENDARY ICON. But that is what makes it fun, it’s a CHALLENGE. Madonna wouldn’t be Madonna if she didn’t surprise her fans again. I think it would be better to see the show live than to get a small detail of it from me.

In Truth or dare, we saw Madonna being like a mentor to her dancers and band. Does she still act this way? What is it like to work for Madonna?
Tony: I think Madonna is even more of a mentor now than she was then. She’s strong, independent, and successful at what she does. What more do you need in a person to look up to. So yeah, she still acts that way. To work for Madonna is unexplainable. Sometimes it can be very overwhelming. I’m like in a rehearsal room showing madonna some dance moves, how crazy is that!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is now the 7th world tour of Madonna’s career. What have you learned from her about touring and putting on a show? Do you think that you will work differently in the future?
Tony: What I’ve learned from Madonna about touring and putting on a show are 2 things. One is good ol’ fashion hard work will always get the job done. And two is to utilize the arts and make it your own.
Richmond: It is a definite that I will work differnetly in the future. It would be a waste if I didn’t learn anything from this experience.

Tony & Richmond – wishes you all the luck in the world. We can’t wait to see your moves this summer! And lastly, here are the same 4 questions we ask everyone:
1) What did you have for breakfast this morning?
Richmond: I had a pirates green tea & a almond croissant.
2) What is your zodiac sign
Richmond: I’m a sagitarius
3) Bath or Shower?
Richmond: Shower
4) If you could change the world in one way, how would you?
Richmond: I would spread TRUE knowledge & wisdom


Madonna rides again – Madonna in W Magazine


Madonna’s multiple personalities collide in the upcoming issue of W magazine, on stands in New York Friday (nationwide on May 19). The singer’s proper English horsewoman meets the sexy Material Girl and Boy Toy in a 58-page photo spread. The singer, 47, joined six stallions on a Hollywood soundstage for a shoot with photographer Steven Klein, their second collaboration for W. Just eight months ago, Madonna was injured when she was thrown from a horse.
Among the images: a topless Madonna in fishnet stockings, long leather gloves and riding crop; the singer dressed in black, cavorting with a horse on the sand; Madonna pulling a horse’s tail.

Madonna on the cover of W magazine

USA Today

Get Together Single release date moved


The new release date is now June 6th!

Madonna wows crushing crowd at Coachella


Madonna is the queen of the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival. No doubt about it.
Madonna helped Coachella set a two-day attendance record Satur day and Sunday when at least 60,000 people a day cramed crammed into the Empire Polo Club in Indio.
The demand was so great for Madonna, it took the crowd 30 minutes to inch their way across the field after her performance. Coincidentally, that was just how long her performance was.
The Queen of Pop started 25 min utes after her scheduled start time, emerging out of a disco ball with her ensemble of spacemen-like dancers in a black outfit and shades. After opening with her recent dance hit, “Hung Up,” which she sang to open this year’s Academy Grammy Awards, she told the audience this was her first festival and “give me some love.”
Madonna, 47, then sang songs from her most recent album, “Confessions on a Dance Floor,” with a throbbing, enhanced elec tronica beat. She played guitar on “I Love New York.” Then she asked the fans – perhaps 30,000 people including beer garden patrons and indie rock fans for The Editors at the next tent over – if they wanted her to do an old song.
Then she asked if she should take her pants off. ? “It’s too hot to wear clothes,” she teased. Then, strip ping to her tights, she asked, “Does my ass look good?” – knowing she is incredibly buff.
Then she sang an old song, One song. “Get Up and Dance.” She writhed around the floor a bit and then the concert was over.
There were people who didn’t want to see Madonna at the alter native-oriented festival.
Fonzie Hernandez of Coachella wore a T-shirt he designed that said, “Madonna killed Coachella.”
“She doesn’t belong here,” he said. “She’s pop.”
But even fans stuck in the glacial- like retreat from the Madonna set said it was worth it to see Madon na.
“I think it’s awesome and incred ible,” said Kymberly Whitaker of La Quinta. “She’ll probably never be here again in our little Coachella Valley.”
Paul Tollett, founder of the Los Angeles-based Goldenvoice promoters, said the increase in attendance presented few challenges. Madonna was as easy to work with, he said, as the management for Tool and Depeche Mode.
“From the beginning,” he said. “They wanted to fit it and not overpower the show.”
Tool was the Coachella Stage headliner. Other top performers included the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Matisyahu and Paul Oakenfold.
source : thedesertsun

Madonna Thrills Fans at Music Festival


Madonna thrilled thousands of fans at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival Sunday, even as she brought a mainstream feel to the traditionally edgy event.
Not everyone was excited to see the pop star at the musical extravaganza best known for its lineup of indie-rock bands and dance-oriented DJs.
More than 100,000 people came to the inland desert for two sold-out days of sun and sound. With 47 acts on Sunday’s bill alone, fans had so many choices they had to miss some bands to catch others.
Hours before Madonna, the San Francisco-based Mates of State, a husband and wife duo, performed their unique blend of alt-pop drum and organ music.
source : ap

First Madonna Pictures from Coachella


Madonna performing at Coachella FestivalMadonna performing at Coachella Festival

Pictures by Michelle Yee, courtesy of The Desert Sun

Coachella Blog on Madonna


There was more people outside the tent trying to get in than people inside the tent.
She asked the crowd “How does my ass look?” and tore her pants off!
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source : thedesertsun